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The Basic Tools of Business Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
Business coaching has evolved over the years, owing to the changing demands around the world. Business coaching has opened a myriad of opportunities to people aspiring to pursue a self-motivated career. It is a vast field and includes a variety of teaching techniques and modules to fit into different business requirements. To become a good business coach or to learn business coaching effectively, you should be aware of some of the basic tools involved in the coaching process.

. Active listening: It is an important aspect of business coaching. The biggest hurdle in active listening is the inability to concentrate. You need to focus your attention on the important skills being taught during the coaching session. Active listening refers to being receptive and absorbing the finest details taught by the coach, during the session.

. Practice: Active listening and concentration need to be supported by practice and repetition, to facilitate better comprehension. Ideally, practice is recommended between two coaching sessions.

. Establish a good rapport: A good rapport between the coach and the student facilitates better understanding and interaction. Establishing a good rapport essentially means building a relationship based on trust.

. Asking questions: Asking questions is the key to a successful training session. Without getting your questions clarified, you cannot proceed towards the next session. As a coach, you need to hurl frequent questions at your students, in order to ensure that they have understood the concepts taught so far. Asking questions also makes the session more interesting. Interaction with the students during training sessions gives you a chance to gauge the progress of your students and allows you to make timely changes to a pre-designed training program.

. Sincere Feedback: A regular and honest feedback from the coach helps students to understand their strong points and simultaneously work out ways to eliminate their weaknesses. As a business coach, you should offer feedback based on assessing the progress made by the student, his potential and his individual business and management skills.

. Add humor to your coaching session: Monotony is the biggest drawback of a training session. It has been observed that majority students drop out from training sessions merely because they lost interest midway. To retain their interest in the session, it is important to add a dash of humor and make your lectures more interesting and lively. Humor minimizes the burden while learning about serious business coaching. Many authors, in their books related to business coaching, have emphasized on the importance of the humor element, when conducting business coaching classes.

Encourage students to apply the newly acquired skills: You would fail in your mission to bring about a positive change in the mindset of students, if they do not inculcate the newly acquired skills in their organizations immediately. All students should be encouraged to work unanimously towards achieving a common goal, that of making a positive difference to their organization.

Business coaching is meant for all those who wish to sharpen their management skills and learn new skills to manage their people and business efficiently. Several websites on the Internet provide detailed information about the changing trends in business coaching. Business coaching can be included at management level too.
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