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10 Additions to Your Mortgage Business Card That Could Improve Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
There are many things you can add to your mortgage business card to create a greater awareness and generate the very best available marketing mileage.

As you know, your business card could be an unusual shape, size, or color. It could be folded, printed on both sides, produced as a magnetic card or a see-through card. It could be a laminated card or even converted to a rolodex card. It could even be a miniature CD-Rom. Your choices are almost as endless as there are grains of sand.

There is one premise we're working with here, and that is you can easily add a feature or features to your business card. If your company objects to some of these additions, it may be time to look for a new mortgage affiliation. If you print your cards in-house, you have the best of all worlds, and an ideal testing opportunity. With those thoughts in mind, here are a few additions to your mortgage business card that could improve your business:

1. Establish a unique selling position or niche market, generate an appropriate tag line, and then print it on your business card: "First Time Homeowner Specialist" or "Home of the Painless Mortgage" or...

2. Print a "one-step amortization schedule" on the back of the cards that you use to establish Realtor/Agent relationships.

3. Print a list of "Information Required at Application" on the back of your business card. This is a great idea and will serve you well with your mortgage customers.

4. Print a partial list of some of the loan programs that you originate on the back of your business card.

5. Have you been collecting customer testimonials? Print a portion of one of your testimonials on the back of your business card.

6. On the back of your card, list a single credit myth and then ask them to call you for a free report on the other myths. You can use this lead-in with any of the reports that you use in your marketing.

7. Pick a hot loan product and feature it on the back of your card. If the Option Arm is your specialty, in large letters, "Ask me about the 1.00% Start-rate Mortgage!"

8. If you have established affinity-marketing partners such as an insurance agent, accountant/CPA, financial planner, print their name on the back of your card. Request they do the same for you.

9. How about a two-sided duplicate card? If you're bi-lingual and speak Spanish for example, print one side of your card in English and Spanish on the other side.

10. If you take mini-applications on-line and your web site is loaded with great information, place only your web site address in a large font on the back of your business card.

There you have it...you probably have ideas of your own...and, that's great. Make your business card an integral part of your mortgage marketing plan.
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