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Tips For Using Traffic Exchanges To Get Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Once you have a website of your own you quickly realize that there are many things you have to do. First and foremost on the list is to get quality traffic and spend the least amount as possible to do it. There are many ways to do this, but one that anyone can use is traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges work like this. You surf for credits and have to spend 20 seconds looking at a website. You place an ad and in rotation your ad will come up to be viewed by other surfers. On an average you would need to surf 4 websites to earn one credit or one time your site is shown. You can also earn credits form referring people to become members, or you can purchase credits.

Most traffic exchanges have different categories to place your ad in. You are looking to place your ad in categories that match the theme of website. This helps you get more targeted traffic and if your site is appealing they may stay longer than 20 seconds or may bookmark it to come back to at a later time.

To get the most benefit out of traffic exchanges you need to keep a few thing in mind.

The first thing you need to do is offer something for free. It doesn't matter if it's an ebook, a video or a sound clip. People are on the exchange because they have to be there, not because they want to be there. They are seeing pitch after pitch every 20 seconds and quickly put their credit card away. To make yourself stand out throw in something unique and give it away.

The next thing you must do if you want to be successful is to collect your prospect's email address. Having a reason for someone to give you their name and email address makes a difference in whether they will do. So tie your freebie back to a lead capture form.

The longer you surf the more you become immune to seeing the same ads and websites. To make sure this is not happening to you write fresh ad copy of your own and create a web page or landing page that is different then what everyone else is using.

Try to find a traffic exchange that allows you to run multiple ads so you can split test. Take advantage of this. Your responses will improve significantly. Ad copy is tricky and you never know for sure what is working until you test it. Once you find the correct wording let it run until it ceases to be effective.

To summarize this article on getting traffic to your website traffic exchanges can be a part of your overall strategies. There are people who make a full time living just signing up new traffic exchange members and getting paid when they upgrade their membership or when they order paid credits. So one way to make even more money is to combine your website with traffic exchange promotion and make money on your increased traffic as well as recruiting new members.
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