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Experiencing Work Stress and How to Deal With It

Aug 17, 2007
There are two major places that the average persons daily stress comes from, work and home. But of the two work seems to be the biggest stressor. Since most people have to work for a living the time constraints and monotonous day in, day out schedule seems to be the number one complaint, followed by, an obnoxious boss, work load and the tedious gossiping co-workers.

This article is for those feeling stress from the work place. Stress at work can be managed. Do not feel as though there is nothing that can be done about it. The pressures of working to support ourselves or family are real. What you need to do is realize stress is inevitable and learn some tricks on how to deal with it.
Here are a few that may help when you feel overwhelmed at work and feel your stress level rising:

1. Take a break:

Get up and leave the office. Go to a quite place where you can clam down and regroup, do not bring a cell phone or an equipment that may disturb your serenity. Take a little walk. A change in atmosphere some time will help refresh your mind.

2. Talk it out:

When someone has pushed you to your limit, walk away. Ask a friend if they have some time to hear you vent and help you deal with your anxiety over the situation. Talking for about 20 minutes helps you calm down and keeps you from saying or doing things that would just make the situation worse.

3. Stretch:

Take a few minutes and do some breathing and stretching exercises. It does have to be intensive just enough to get your head cleared and blood pumping a bit. A little exercise will help elevate your mood.

4. Eat and Drink:
Take a break and enjoy a nutritious snack. A calorie-laden donut will just make you sluggish; try a bran muffin. Have a nice relaxing cup of tea. This should help give you enough energy to sustain you the rest of the day.

5. Laugh:

Laughter lowers blood pressure, brings in more oxygen to your body, and relaxes tense muscles. Try calling a friend with a good sense of humor when you fell like you are losing it. Learn some good, non-offensive jokes for you and you office workers, humor is a great way to unwind and relax. Learn to laugh at everyday situations; it can turn a tiring day at work into an enjoyable day.
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