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8 Reasons Why You'll Want to Keep Your FSBO Marketing Program a Secret

Aug 17, 2007
If you're anything like me, you probably love to brag and tell people including your co-workers, how well you're doing. It's only human nature. But if you're currently marketing to For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) or about to start your program, here are some good reasons for keeping your efforts under wraps and cloaked in secrecy:

1. For Sale by Owner marketing is a niche with very little competition. What has always amazed me is...why almost all loan officers, originators, and mortgage brokers avoid this part of the market like the plague. Goodness...it's like going fishing and knowing full well that the pond is just over flowing with lots of keepers...and, you're the only fisherman for miles around.

2. FSBO marketing is less intimidating if you're new to the mortgage business. As a "newbie" would you feel more comfortable calling on Realtors/Agents or FSBOs? I'll let you answer that question.

3. This type of marketing allows you to become an expert in a niche marketing area very quickly. You can easily become known as the FSBO person in your area and the expert that people seek out for advice and information.

4. This is an absolute great way to generate a never ending supply of inexpensive purchase mortgage leads.

5. It's extremely low cost. I like to refer to it as..."a low budget method of marketing."

6. It provides you with purchase money mortgage leads without Realtor and Agent involvement and all of the schmoozing that's normally required to get their business.

7. Your marketing efforts drastically shortens the normal mortgage sales cycle resulting in a filled pipeline and most importantly, quicker commission dollars in your pocket!

8. It builds quality relationships with Realtor/Agents on your terms and conditions and most importantly, when you want them. You are in total control...not the Realtor/Agent.

As a Corporate Mortgage Trainer, I always introduced my students to For Sale by Owner marketing in this way:

"Put into motion your FSBO marketing program immediately...concentrate on it...learn the program from A to Z...improve on it...add your personality to it...make it your area of expertise...brand yourself as a knowledgeable FSBO expert...and, you'll have more mortgage business than you can ever handle. As a result, you'll find yourself among a very elite group of loan originators...and, you can laugh about it all the way to the bank."

Just as a reminder, keep your marketing program a secret. Here's to your continued mortgage marketing success.
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