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Secrets of Building Your Successful Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Are you, like me, succoured every time you see a really good product or service being promoted on the Internet? Do you get $$ signs in your eyes when you realise that what is being offered has:-

A mass market appeal
An easily discussed bag of benefits
A proven track record, or at least powerful testimonials
A genuine saving for every user
An environmental advantage to its use
A great home business appeal

You immediately see the advantages in this product or service, so you jump on the bandwagon, get some samples, and see for yourself that all of the claims are actually true ( surprise surprise - not everyone on the Internet is a rogue!!).

With many types of networking products, such as Kleeneze, EcoFlow, Herballife, Neways etc in many cases your prospects or customers may well have to spend 'extra money' to obtain your products or services. They may be at a lower price from you, or more convenient, but in the main they are going to have to get their plastic out and make an 'extra unplanned' purchase.

There are a few exceptions to that, and the one major example that has been around for some time now, is the concept of persuading people to change their Utility service providers (phones, mobiles, gas, electricity etc) to a different provider. Utility Warehouse was a very successful example of that, and there are many distributors out there still making quite healthy monthly earnings, especially as these are partly derived from the amount of usage each customer makes of their services.

The only problem with this is that the market for utility suppliers over the last few years has become extremely saturated. In the main, distributors who set up 3, 4, or 5 years or more ago are now raking it in, with an increasing income for very little effort, whereas new distributors will find it a bit of a struggle to get established. And, to a certain extent, the market is limited to the number of homes in the UK.

So, ideally then, the best type of product or service to get involved in, is one that has:-

A massive local market
A world wide market
A mass consumer appeal
A major contribution to the improvement of our environment
An excellent commission structure

Well, one area of concern on virtually everybody's lips is the high and increasing cost of fuel for our love of transport whether that is our cars, motor bikes, trucks, trains, busses, you name it, where fuel is required, and its price affects us all.

The other area on everybody's lips id the topic of Global Warming, the draconian climate changes, and how our internal combustion engines contribute to all of these scary environmental changes.

So, let's imagine a manufacturer comes along, and produces a 'Magic Pill'. And this pill, when popped into any petrol or diesel tank, virtually as if by magic, has the following effect on their vehicle:-

It cuts your fuel costs by between 5 and 15% or more
It enables the vehicle to run on lower octane fuels - with another cost saving benefit.
It improves your vehicle's performance (although if you have a heavy right foot, you may not get too much of the first benefit)
It reduces harmful emissions to a fraction of their original amount
The product is EPA approved, with a bonded world wide insurance against any engine damage.
This particular company used to supply NASA with their Launch Computer systems - they are a very cash-rich organisation.

On top of all this, let's say that this product is only sold by 'word of mouth', or network marketing, so there is an immediate ability for many thousands of people to become distributors, with world-wide boundaries to where they can identity customers. This means that people can save money by buying their 'Magic Pills' themselves from a distributor, make a retail profit by selling to their friends and colleagues so they also save money, or become a distributor, and go out and find retail and distributor prospects. People can then make their fortunes by selling across International Boundaries.

Everything is then in place for the average Joe (including you and me) to make a veritable fortune, out of helping other people to save money, and do our bit to save the environment for our children's sake.

But Whoa! At this point many people get cold feet, and totally lose the potential to create their own massive profitable home business.


1.Because they think they have to go out and SELL this product.
2. They think this is pyramid selling - so it must be illegal.
3. They think that they must become technical experts in engine design
4. They think that they will be incapable of doing what their sponsor is doing

But what if they can be slotted into a proven system that works, and is duplicatable?

What if they can use an Internet based system that can be run as well as any 'word of mouth ' system, to remove most of the 'selling' activities they fear doing themselves?

Say there was a semi automated solution that could assist every new distributor to obtain at least two more distributors every month, do you realise what the end result could well be, especially using such a 'Magic Pill' at its heart?

If you got two distributors involved each month, and had a system that could encourage each new distributor to sign up just 2 more distributors, do you realise how big your network could be after just a 12 month period?

Your first pair of distributors, if they had a system to sign up at least 2 each, and this continued for twelve months, this would create a team of over 1,000! And really, signing up just 2 distributors should not be beyond the wit of anybody who has half an interest in this sort of activity.

(2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096)

OK, so that is in a perfect world. We all know that not every distributor will do anything except complain, but some may do even better.

And also, you of course are still busily pumping in two new distributors every month, so the potential is enormous

With really successful network marketing systems, although you can automate a great deal these days thanks to internet technology, there is no substitute for human intervention in conjunction with these facilities. Once again, this raises the spectrum of 'learning' in a new distributor's head, as after all, to wind them up and get them straight out there recruiting for you, the last thing they or you are going to want is a long training cycle.

There is no substitute to having a 'Team Leader' to whom you can call in on a 'three way' call. So, when combined with a lead tracking system that enables you to call up a pre-recorded 1 or 2 minute overview, leading to a visit to your powerful web site, then being able to make that planned follow up call the next day, and pull in your Team leader is a beautiful way to ensure a very high conversion rate.

A word of warning.

There are many examples of snake oil salesmen getting involved in 'get rich quick' scams with this type of product, and I had actually been succoured into one of them, so if you would like some advice on a really great product from what I can only describe as a company that doesn't need the money, but where the owners want to leave behind a great legacy, please feel free to contact me personally.
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