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The Prosperous People Are Persevering

Aug 17, 2007
I have friend. He is the writer. Already more than 20 years he writes the articles, books, the textbooks and sends them in publishing houses, but majority of them operations of publishing house do not accept.

In the beginning of the literary career he so is close to heart accepted failures and refusals, what even to throw to write and to attend to something new and completely diferent. But the more he wrote, more his reliance became stronger, that he can achieve success in this hard trade.

Shortly he was fitted to send the disallowed manuscripts in other publishing houses literally this very day, as he received them. He has believed in himself and his work. Today he one of the leading writers in the genre. He also writes for me short essays on hoodia and his personal endevour of weight loss with hodia gordonii.

The prosperous people love themselves. As prominent Mark Twain said it Having grown fond yourselves, you begin the novel, length in life. To win other, it is necessary to understand yourself and to take care of yourself in accordance to yor needs. Not necessarily be abusive to ones with your love and care, but the careful understanding of the value, constant conviction in the successes is necessary for you. If you love yourselves, it is mirrored in everything, what you will not undertake.

The prosperous people tend to victory. The prosperous people tend to win everywhere in maps, in football against the next department, in competition for a place of the chief of a theme, in strife for a place of the vice-president of the company. The prosperous people are customized on victory in all.

The prosperous people are not exchanged for a small; their dreams are significant and important to them and others. All people on a light know how to dream, but only the small part knows how to embody the dreams in life. It needs daily laborious operation.

One manager has told: To success it is possible to be lifted and on the scroll bar, but if it is broken, it is necessary to go towards it. It is possible to dream of reaching tops in any certain field and area, trade or art. Dream of tops. Represent, as you them reach them, try to be lifted each day a shade higher. Only in the dictionaries the word "victory" faces to the word "operation", in life all is different.
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