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The Power Of Corporate ID Branding

Aug 17, 2007
According to some marketing experts if Coca-cola would decide to liquidate its business, its brand alone would cost well over $26 billion. This is quite absurd assertion for ordinary people who are not adept with the intricacies and importance of establishing a powerful corporate ID branding, or more commonly known as corporate identity. Try asking how often you would hear yourself and other people ask for Coke instead of ordering for cola. Just imagine how many billions of people around the world who share the same such influential perception and association of the brand. This is undeniably a very valuable asset in the world of marketing and advertising - creating a highly and strong corporate ID branding.

Some would readily argue that Coke have been in the business for centuries and have already achieved the good reputation, certainly a force to reckon with in the soft drink industry. However, this is also achievable on small businesses. With the right positioning and branding, you can be able to develop a prominent corporate ID branding for you own market niche. This basically means that you will be able to increase brand recognition and demand for your products and services, permit you to increase your prices just a little, and ultimately improve the consumers value perception of your products and services.

This is why franchising is still a highly lucrative business in modern times, businessmen basically pay for the powerful corporate ID branding of a certain product, service or a business entity. Through franchising, they will not no longer start from scratch and undergo the nitty gritty ropes of introducing a new product in the market. Introducing and launching a new product in the market will require a lot of resources creating media hype to generate consumer interest. Marketing and advertising are very expensive nowadays, but many companies are all too willing to spend just to generate interest and recognition from consumers, which would ultimately lead to an increase in the catered market and product sales.

Unarguably, the corporate arena is a complex and dynamic world. There are always new opportunities and possibilities that await every businessman, along with a number of competitors who are ready to pounce of even the slightest sign of weakness on your part. Apart from the cutthroat competition, there is also the constant interaction between your company and the consumer market. Big companies who have gained much experience would claim that one of the key ingredients to success is to listen to the demands of the consumers. By developing keen sensitivity, you will know the preferences of your market niche, and would be in a better position to other the products that are specifically designed to cater their needs and wants. Therefore, it is highly important to properly manage and maintain a strong corporate ID branding no matter what industry you may be in to survive the all too fickle world of business.
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