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Utilize Free Article Directories To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Getting links to your website all over the internet is an absolute must if you expect to see any visitors. While there are many ways to accomplish this goal, each comes with its own inherent challenge.
For example, you could:

A. Optimize your website so it ranks high in the search engines.
B. Pay for a sponsored listing so your website appears at the top of a search inquiry.
C. Utilize an ad swapping service so your link appears on other websites.
D. Have your website address mentioned in news stories and press releases.
E. Employ legitimate opt-in email services.
F. Advertise in newsletters.
G. Publish a flyer to distribute in your community.

As you can see, most of these methods come at a price. While a high ranking in the search engines is the best method, it is also time consuming and requires a certain level of expertise to accomplish which most people pay the experts to do.

Advertising online for the most part can be very costly and raises the question whether there will be a return on your investment to justify paying for an ad in the first place. With ad swapping, you probably won't see much traffic and you are required to promote an offer in exchange which is not your own.

Getting mentioned online or offline through the media requires a well done professional sounding press release which costs money if you get an expert to do it for There is also no guarantee that your press release will be featured by anyone much less an interested blogger.

Legitimate opt-in email advertisements also cost money and the return on investment question arises especially when you question how many people actually see your or even read your opt-in email ad.

Advertising in newsletters or publishing a circular may bring some traffic to your site at a minimal cost however if you are looking for big numbers there are alternatives that cost nothing more than your time and ingenuity.

So what do you do? Utilize article directories and publish your own informative articles.

Statistics are correct when they state that 90% of people who access the internet are actually seeking information of some sort and they expect that information to be free.

Article directories are huge repositories online with thousands of articles on every conceivable topic or subject matter. They usually accept articles on anything unless it is a niche specific article directory.

All you need do is inquire the search engines for article directories, sign up for free and post an article with your information in the author's byline which is where your website link is to be located. The resource box is an acceptable way to get your information in front of the public for free.

How does this benefit you? People are always surfing the internet looking for free information. There are millions of publishers out there looking for content and material for their readers. If they like your article, it will get distributed and posted on their websites in addition to already being posted on the article directories. You could amass thousands of links to your website with just one well written and informative article.

How else does this benefit you? People can see that you have valuable informed information to share with others for their benefit. They may very well be inclined to review your online offers with real interest. It is one of the best forms of free advertising available to you.

What if you don't write well? No problem. There are literally scores of ghost writers who will write articles for you. When you consider a good article can spread across the internet like wild fire and remain on websites all over, it really is worth the cost. Do an inquiry on article writing services and you will be surprised to see how many services are out there to help you.

You can also make the task of broadcasting your article to the directories by utilizing a service that has hundreds of publishers willing to accept your article into their database.

If you include in the article content keywords for the search engines to attribute to your website, it will help in your website ranking.

Additionally, you may want to use a unique pen name so you can easily be found by name on the search engines.

As you can see, article publishing is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. Just provide people with useful information and reap the rewards.
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Robert Williams is the Editor of Work At Home Business Website which features a Free Home Business Article Library. Robert actively uses a state-of-the-art, automated, no selling system to do all his home business promoting, prospecting, and selling.
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