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The Challenges Of A Successful Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
While the biggest perk of running a home business is the fact that you actually get to work from your home, this also turns into the biggest challenge and having to work constantly in front of your family with little opportunity to tune it out. While you may have a separate home office, you cannot help but have work spill over into the other areas of your life, such as the sticky notes posted on the refrigerator in the kitchen, or the tax return being crunched on the coffee table in the living room.

Saying yes to customers is what keeps you in business but failure to say no at times will result in burn out, frustration, and domestic strife that will have you wishing for the relative calm that a corporate office provided you. There are three areas where you will need to say no. First and perhaps most obvious is your family. Children may feel that your presence at home should mean that you can play with them whenever they want to.

While this would be great, it is not a reality. There is nothing wrong with taking an occasional break to play with your kids while you all have lunch together or while you are taking a break, but when it is time to get back to work, it is time to say no to their requests. Help them understand that you will be available in emergencies or if they wish to sit quietly and read or color in your office, but you will not be able to talk, play, or have a tea party right then.

Secondly, say no to friends. This might not be quite so obvious, but very often those who go to work to an office in the morning do not understand that running a home business is the same kind of work, only in your home. To this end you will be barraged with requests for car rides to the airport, baby sitting of sick children who could not go to school that day, and other calls for help that may come your way.

Saying no is hard, but you need to learn to let your friends know that you keep business hours just like any other business, and that during these hours your ability to help them is somewhat limited. Thirdly and perhaps hardest of all is the ability to say no to clients or customers. If you make yourself available 24 hours a day, do not be surprised if your clients will take advantage of you.

Suddenly emergency tax preparation is required while you are in the midst of dinner with your family, while the need to have some real estate issue discussed crops up while you are attempting to watch a movie with your spouse. Learning to say no to such business contact is the hardest thing to do for a home business owner, yet at the same time it is the most important aspect of keeping your business successful and for the benefit of you and your family.
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