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Turning Web Visitors Into Customers

Aug 17, 2007
A Successful marketing campaign is all about being at the right place at the right time and speaking the right language. This is very similar to any offline marketing campaign because in both cases we are dealing with people. According to statistics 90% miss the mark all together and 70% are completely invisible to there target audience and hover in limbo in cyberspace.

The reasons for these failures are simple. Most websites miss the mark because there are no clearly defined objectives, no call to action and no web marketing research design to focus the implementation of the sites.

In order to set your goals you have to think in terms of your customers, get in their shoes and in their minds, visit your competitors and see your segment from their eyes. Then you need to answer fundamental questions like. How and what they use the web for in your segments? What are they buying, who is getting their business and why? What guaranty or needs you need to meet to convince them to take your call to action? These are just a few of the fundamental questions that need to be answered for any successful online marketing venture to happen.

Good keyword analysis is the foundation of eMarketing because everything you do will be based on your target keywords. Your budgetary constraints, your content, your site's layout and where on the web you will focus to position your site, will be based on your keywords and where your competitors are. Let me explain with an example, let's say you have a Camera store and your goal is to sell cameras. You may very logically want to position for "Digital Camera". And optimize certain pages of your site for this key words just to find out that your nowhere to be found and despite your efforts you remain invisible. Some keywords a very easy to position and some are very hard and expensive to position. The search for "Digital camera" in Google returns 163000000 pages in this result space and all the top results are high ranking (see PageRank in google) that means are valued by search engines this means that you will need a very expensive SEO campaign covering many months of work before your site becomes a valued site. Initially you may need to find alternate less competitive key phrases that will allow you to show up with less effort and drive more targeted traffic to your site. Then as your site grows in popularity you may turn your SEO efforts to more difficult keywords and build your visibility on a long term basis.

Know your competition. There is no sense in spending money on a website, then pay for Google adwords or expensive SEO consultants if your site is not up to competitive standards. It's a great feeling to see you're site come up against your competition on key strategic search keywords and to be positioned very favorably in important vertical markets but if your site is not projecting a professional look and feel or the content is not compelling to your visitors then you're efforts are not going to generate a justifiable return on investment.

Your site needs to offer something that distinguishes you, your expertise and your offering, in a site that offers a quality look and feel that contributes to generate a positive professional image. And then position your self on those more competitive keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your site will become easier over time.
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Claude Bourgoin (MBA/SEO/SEM) is a web marketing consultant, and a contributing author on web marketing. He can be reached here for more online marketing tips and tricks
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