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Why Add Your Website To Google Local Business

Aug 17, 2007
Google local business is a directory of business listings that it is much like the paperback version of local business listings found in the yellow pages, that is delivered to your door every year. There are some differences that make the local business directory of Google business listings more desirable and user friendly than the yellow pages of your local telephone book.

What is so great about Google local business and why should you add your website to it? Google's local business directory is maintained online and can be seen by people across the country and around the world. Site links serve as online street addresses for the businesses listed and the directory is regularly updated. The enormous paperback version that the telephone company puts out is only updated once annually, usually at the beginning of the year. Businesses that open, close, or move to new locations after the annual publishing has been completed will not be included until the next printing, the following year.

Name familiarity breeds curiosity at first, then credence, followed by a high comfort level with people as they hear and see a name over and over. You can think of these as the three Cs to business success and they are most certainly instrumental in helping a name to remain in the consciousness of the public which creates a desire for association with or the buying of parts of that name. Google is one of those names having the three Cs and because of this Google has an impressively large following. Google has done the work of attracting a large following, but has opened the doors for internet merchants to share in the benefits of such great numbers of people gathered in one place.

Google local business provides a format that makes it easier for users to find businesses. Many internet users prefer this to having to conduct several search engine searches, redefining or narrowing the words used in each search to find exactly what they are looking for. Remember too that there are legions of business websites found online today. A website can easily become buried beneath these vast numbers of sites existing in cyberspace and Google's business directory gives your site visibility even amidst great numbers of other listed business websites. Why add your website to Google local business? To keep it from being buried which also buries your opportunity to make money.

Campaigning to consumers in order to show them why a purchase from your business is a smart choice is expensive. Make your campaign dollars and campaign efforts go farther by being selective with your campaigning. When super resources such as Google local business present themselves to you, use them to your advantage. The Google search engine is another powerful resource that is there for you to take advantage of. You will need SEO for your site and you can find help with that at the SEO Tutorial Program website. Google also provides other resources that you should take the time to learn about how they may help you to succeed even further with your business campaigning. Yahoo and MSN also offer many super resources that you can take advantage of for your website.

Why add your website to Google local business? Because a good marketing plan takes advantage of as many ways as possible to make campaigning dollars go farther to gain better results. And because you know a good deal when you see one and you want your website to share in all of the benefits mentioned above about Google local business by doing so. A good marketing plan should include a note to yourself to remember to add your site to Google local business.
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