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Is Internet Business Success a Big Fat Lie?

Aug 17, 2007
Why do certain people say it's a LIE?

Typically, they're the kind of people that are skeptical about their own potential. They've tried different internet business systems and in the end, they frustrate themselves when they do not see their bank accounts overflowing with profits. Unlike me, they do not have the trust and see the ultimate potential to make money online. They do not work hard enough after they made certain mistakes and expect instant cash flow for not doing almost anything.

I live by the internet. I believe and trust the internet world to be my ATM machine. All my hard work and mistakes have paid off because I constantly pay attention to changes and continuously learning what I exactly need to know. I chose the perfect internet business system and have stick with it throughout the years, and this system has never failed to disappoint me. And do I consider myself successful and see my bank account overflowing with immense profits?

Hell, yeah.

There was a time where I sold just one product on autopilot and I received over a million dollars in a period of 5 months. Also, another product during a period of 5 months and I received over a million dollars as well. A screenshot of those payment transactions could be found at some of my websites. I'm not trying to show off the amount that I've made on the internet. I want to show you that achieving success on the internet is plausible and that it isn't a big fat lie at all.

Make a choice. If you want to become one of those skeptics, stop reading right now and go collect some stamps or something because nothing I say will make you believe that the success of internet business is possible anyway. If you want to follow in my footsteps, read on and enlighten you own self to the ultimate possibility to become the next successful internet entrepreneur.

Here are the steps I took:

-Choose a good internet business system from a great internet marketer where many people have benefited, and stick with it
-Religiously study all the materials given and find the answer to each and every one of the doubts you have along the way
-Implement it onto your websites, emails, newsletters etc.
-Seek help from freelance writers, networking buddies, web designers to optimize your site
-Work on the problems you face e.g. traffic, search engine optimization
-Constantly update and modify your site

Planning is crucial when you want to start your own internet business. Make sure you have a step-by-step plan where you can follow and constantly implement the methods you've learnt. Make mistakes and learn from what you should do, and what you shouldn't do. Do not give up easily or you'll lose the ultimate ticket to obtain success online.
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Jo Han Mok is a #1 bestselling author and a masterful planner in developing successful internet business systems. Find out how he can make you discover the internet millionaire within! Visit his website at http://www.internetmillionairecode.com
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