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"Pay-Per Click" Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

Aug 17, 2007
The advantage of pay per click, is that you only pay for results in the form of a click. That means that your ad did get a response, in that someone clicked and went to the destination url you set up. It does not necessarily mean response in terms of a sale made.

This is important to remember with all the hype about pay per click. If you are going to use pay per click, you need to tend to business as you are the one paying for those clicks.

Pay per click can be a very good way to get visitors and to make sales, but you need to constantly monitor what is going on with your ads and whether you are getting the results you need for the money spent.

With about 300 million searches a day at search engines there is a good chance your ad will be effective, but you can't leave it to chance.

The place to start is go to the search engine you are using and read up on their guidelines and get used to how their tools work. You need to have a good grasp of how the system works if you want to have effective results.

Keywords need a great deal of attention and research. Choosing the right keywords is at the heart of your whole pay per click campaign. You will need to make changes as you see how the keywords you've chosen are performing.

Writing compelling ads for pay per click can be very challenging. There is a tight limit on characters for each line in your ad. Getting an eye catching title and a descriptive ad in just a few characters is no easy task. You need enough information to get your ad clicked, you also want to target in on people who are looking for what you are offering, so you don't want to mislead them by bad copy and pay for clicks from searchers who were looking for something other than what you are offering.

Then there is the bidding process. You must bid enough for a keyword to get you high enough in the results to be seen, but without breaking the bank. Number one is not necessarily the best spot, but you want to be close to the top or your ad will not be seen.

Searchers have a low patience tolerance and only search the first pages in results. If you are further back, your pay per click money is down the drain and with no results.

Do be sure to set a daily dollar limit so you don't get in over your head. Check in on a regular basis to see what is happening with your ads. If you are getting lots of clicks, but not the results you want from those clicks, then changes need to be made.

Check your pay per click ads often, make one change at a time until you see just what works gives the results you want.

The plus side of pay per click is that it can bring traffic very quickly. The negative aspect is that it can cost you dearly if you aren't keeping close tabs on your ads and the results they are having
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