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How to Choose An International Internet Marketing Course

Aug 17, 2007
The world, geographically, is a huge place. When you want to learn the aspects of internet marketing, you choose a great mentor who has an awesome internet marketing course for you to learn from. But, what if you felt a certain disadvantage for having that mentor halfway around the world?

The internet is very advanced in this day and age in its simplicity of providing information. To choose an international internet marketing course, it may or should have the following:

Informational Training Products

E-books are online books in Adobe PDF format and they are mostly the general training and informational products you can expect to receive from your mentor. They are very useful, as they might be in a form of a package that contains all of your mentor's e-books at only one price. They could be printed out to read at your own convenience. Some e-books your mentor provides you may also include resell rights (rights to sell it), master resell rights (rights for you to sell and for your buyer to sell to someone else) or private label rights (rights to change the content of the e-book, the e-book cover, make yourself the author, etc).

Also, audio products can be downloaded for you to listen. The great thing about audio products is you may listen to them at your own pace and implement the techniques your mentor is teaching you onto your website, software, etc. It is also much easier to listen and understand the techniques, rather than reading e-books and understanding the techniques.

As for video materials, they are considered the most useful of all. With videos you can actually learn more by listening to and looking at the step-by-step techniques being applied. For example, videos can teach you how to make your own website (where the graphics and content should go to and so on) and also teach you how to use a software that your mentor has provided.

E-mail Support

Make sure the course has an efficient group of experienced people that can help you with your doubts on how to use a certain software or advice you on the techniques that you are using. They can also help you with lost links or passwords to gain access to their training materials. With the use of e-mails, it saves you cost for you do not need to use long-distance phone calls to ask for help.


Teleseminars could be carried out by experienced people or preferably, your mentor. Teleseminars are basically phone calls for you to call in and listen to what your mentor has to teach you and other people that took this course as well. It would be great if he has recorded this teleseminar and giving you a link to download in the future and listen to it again to make sure that you understand. Find out if he has recorded past teleseminars and you can listen and learn from them as well.


Your mentor himself or a certain group of skilled people may organize a workshop in your country. This workshop could be to summarize all that you have learnt and implement, or to teach you new techniques that can benefit you in time to come. When you're there, you may state the problems you're facing and clear your doubts. You can also network around with the other apprentices that have signed up for his course. In this way, you can share tips, advice, and tactics and so on.


Your mentor might be giving a presentation at a well known seminar. It can be in your country or it can be at another country. If you could afford it, attend the seminar, listen to your mentor's and other speakers' presentation to learn more tips on how to generate traffic to your website, web copywriting, etc.

Internet Conferences

To have an internet conference, you might have to download a software in order to see and listen to what your mentor is doing. For example, it might look like a chat room where you can ask him certain questions, and he might also be teaching you a step by step method to generate traffic, developing a website and so on. This is very useful for it is like a one on one conversation.

In point of fact, it does not matter if you are halfway around the world, because you will still be benefiting by learning from an international internet marketing course. The internet has its ways and means for us to learn and interact with one another. Through the internet, the world feels like a much smaller place after all.
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