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5 Tips To Picking The Right Online Business Success System

Aug 17, 2007
Choosing your own online business system can either make you or break you. To achieve success on the internet, you have to think about the opportunities available for you to take on. In this article, I'll show you how to carefully decide on these opportunities.

1.Choose an Online Business System

There're certain kinds of systems available on the internet. To promote your own physical products, consider going for internet auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo! Auctions. You might want to take pictures of your products for credibility and consumer interest. You also have to think about whether you'd like to ship the products worldwide or just your country, the shipping costs, product delivery costs, packaging costs and the terms and conditions of those online sites. A number of entrepreneurs have become millionaires just by selling on internet auctions alone.

If you'd like to promote other people's products and earn commissions from them, you might want to consider the internet system of affiliate marketing. There are thousands of successful affiliate marketers who have spent most of their time on the internet promoting other people's products. You have to find a niche that you are knowledgeable about or you have interest in it. For example, you have an extensive knowledge on coffee. Build a website of great quality content on coffee, or coffee machines, grinders, etc and become an affiliate of Amazon. com to promote the coffee products you'd like to sell to your consumers. When consumers buy that certain product from your affiliate link that leads to Amazon.com's order page, Amazon will track you and present to you your commissions.

To further promote your products or other people's products, you can use the masterful system of web copywriting. Copywriting uses the direct response method of persuading the customer to buy the product. It is usually written in a form of a sales letter. Copywriting has been known to increase sales by almost 63%. You can also try your hands on freelance copywriting. Once you have mastered the skill from copywriting training, you may post your services to organizations that need a copywriter. A master copywriter could be paid up to $20,000-$25,000 per sales letter, making it one of the most highly paid careers in the world.

2.Select a Mentor

It is almost impossible to learn the secrets to a successful online business if you do not have a mentor. In my opinion, it is crucial for you to learn by someone who is more experienced. A mentor is a successful person who has made mistakes in the internet world and has tried out a certain system and stick with it. He has the resources for you to learn from and establish your internet business. For example, I use the system of web copywriting to teach my apprentices, using the strategies I have used over the years and has never failed to bring me profit.
Be careful when choosing a mentor. Make sure that the people who've learnt from him have benefited after learning and implementing his methods online. In this way, it shows that this scenario could be applied to you and that you can succeed as well as they did or even obtaining better results.


When you're attending seminars or workshops organized by your mentor, get to know the people around you. They may have the resources that you might need help with like web design, traffic generation, etc. Thus, you'll save time and money. You could also do joint ventures with them or create your very own mastermind group to create products together and launching them. In this way, you'll learn more from the input that the other members have contributed. Who knows? They might end up becoming your business partners.

4.Constantly Reinvent Yourself

The internet is a complex world that is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it. Some of the techniques you're learning now may not work after a couple of months or years. Tasking assignments like submitting quality content articles for traffic generation to your website manually may need you, in time to acquire software that will automatically submit it to various article directories. You will also have to work on your website and design it in such a way the content is completely visible for sales purposes.


Once you've learnt all that you need to know, it is time to apply them. However, could you see yourself doing all this?

Setting up a website,Web design,Header graphics, HTML, Content, Copywriting, Video, Audio,Traffic Generation, Articles, SEO, E-mails, Autoresponders, E-mail marketing.

If you try to do all of that, you may find that the phrase "stressed out" is an understatement. Not only will you tire yourself out, you will also have a VERY slow start to your business. You have to outsource the workload out to people who have expertise in that certain field. For example, you might need a writer to generate content for your site, articles and emails or a web designer to handle web design and other technical details.

Do not give up so easily when things do not go your way. ind the problems and fix them. Make these things work out for you. An online business success can only happen if you put enough hope and effort into it.
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