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What You Need To Do To Become A Navy Officer

Aug 17, 2007
Following is an interview with a recruit in the Navy: "The reserve recruiter told me that now more than ever, the navy reserve is like a weekend warrior for the working man. He said I would drill for 6 months locally on weekends, go to a 2 week boot camp, and then come back for more drilling and training on the weekends. He said the deployment possibility is low."

"He said this would be my way of helping out how I can, while maintaining my normal family life and career. Is this for real or just blowing smoke at me? Also, I have a degree and was looking into reserve officer, but he said to join enlisted reserve first and work my way into it once I am in."

"I can't give you first hand experience but I too am real close to submitting my package for supply corps officer (DCO). From what I heard, having a master's degree with a strong GPA (which I have) really helps if going officer. I'm also a 10 year veteran. (Now age 33) If no masters, the enlisted route may in fact be better. I think it also depends on what officer path you choose because the competition would be different. Perhaps someone else will answer that question with regards to bachelor vs. master's degree and the Navy reserve officer program."

"If you want to go officer you should be talking to an officer recruiter. Don't sign anything until you do that and find out what the requirements are. It's pretty good in my opinion. It's very beneficial for my civilian job in terms of training I receive, which has resulted in promotions on the civilian side. Also, I can't complain about a 2 week all expenses paid "vacation" to Europe every year. Is it like the recruiter said? 6 months of drilling on weekends, 2 weeks of basic training in the Great Lakes region, and more drilling when I get back with little chance of deployment? He offered Cryptology."

"Think that the chances of deployment are going to vary based on what job you choose. The Seabees, Intel, and MAs can pretty much count on regular deployments. With regards to the basic training, make sure that you have it in writing that they are going to let you do the two week basic. From what I understand, the NRAC program is being phased out. You would hate to expect a two week boot and get stuck with a two month one instead!"

"I joined the reserves exactly one year ago. I had always had a desire to serve in the military, but things had never quite worked out. I have a very good paying job and decided to join for the experience and fulfillment. Even after one year, I can honestly say that I don't think that you will regret if you do make the decision to join."

"NRAC is over. The Navy might bring it back but not now. If you want to go officer at your age you really need to go that way from the beginning. It would be a lot easier on you. The officer pipeline is different than the enlisted. At least talk to an officer recruiter."
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