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Is It Possible To Make Money From A Home Business Blog?

Aug 17, 2007
While almost everyone who has a home business is aware of blogs and the advantage they give you on advertising, many are not aware of how much money you can make from a home business blog. Having a blog gives you the ability to create money through advertising and displaying your knowledge on your topic, but there are several other ways to make money off of it.

The first way you can make money from a home business blog is through affiliate programs. All you have to do is simply place a products name somewhere in a blog post and hyperlink it to direct readers to the product. Every time someone clicks on the link and purchases a product, you have made money off of your blog as simple as that.

You have to be aware that you're not going to make a sell from everyone that reads your blog posts, or even half for that matter. However, by placing at least one hyperlink in every blog post you make, you are sure to increase your income a great deal.

If you can sell other people's products on your home business blog, obviously you can sell your own products. Having a blog is a great way to advertise your own products and sell the benefits and features of your products to readers. The more blog posts you have the better. Therefore, this gives you the ability to take an entire blog post and dedicate it to one specific product.

While having a business blog is great to promote products of your own and others, it's also a great place to sell your website itself. Your website should follow one theme, as should your blog. All of your posts should incorporate the theme in some way and discuss what's going on in the world of your theme, what's going on with your website, and always include reader benefits to get them to come to your website. There is nothing wrong with dropping your website home page link in a post from time to time.

As mentioned above, advertising is the main reason people use their home business blog. Advertising products, other people's products and what is to come in the future. However, selling advertising space on your blog is a great way to make additional income. If your website isn't big enough to place others' ads on it, Google AdSense and BlogAds give you the ability to make money off of clicks. The more people that click on their ads, the more money you make.

No matter how you make money from your home business blog, it is vital that you are consistent. By consistently adding fresh and enticing content and posting at least once every day, you will keep readers coming back for more. Not only that, but you will eventually find your business blog atop the largest search engines on the internet.
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