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Your Entire Internet Business and Traffic Generation Success Starts From One Shocking Point - Part 5

Aug 17, 2007
Make sure you check out part 1 that will show you why content is the starting point of your internet business success...


Then move on to part 2 that will show you how to build permanent traffic to your website with the help of content...


Check out part 3 where I will give you simple tricks that will help you to generate content quickly and easily...


Check out part 4 to learn a secret tactic that you can use starting today to write a quality article in less than 30 minutes...


Creating quality content is just one part of the story and promoting it to get lifetime free targeted traffic is another.

In this article you will learn a killer system that I use to promote my site using articles. This system when applied on a consistent basis has the power to...

1. Get you high Google Page Rank.

2. Thousands of incoming links to your site.

3. Tons of free lifetime traffic and leads pouring in through out the day.

4. Sales and profits you might have never thought about.

These are 4 simple steps that I use to promote my articles to get truckloads of hungry traffic to my site instantly and on long term basis. You can get started today applying this same formula and it works without fail.

Step 1 - I Make Sure to Write Articles in a Bunch of 5 to 10.

Yes, that's right. I always make sure to research hot topics and write articles in a bunch of 5 to 10. I make sure that the articles are related to my website and focus on different categories.

The secret to writing articles in different categories is that you get exposure of your website to different kinds of people surfing around the directories.

Step 2 - Submit Articles to Hundreds of Article Directories.

However this is a painful job if you do it all alone. I would recommend you to join an article distribution service like 'Article Marketer' that will submit your article to hundreds of directories at a click of a button.

This is the fastest way to spread your article. They will also review your articles to make sure that they are properly formatted and contains all the important ingredients to make sure they get included in all the directories.

Also make sure that your article gets included in ezinearticles.com article directory. This article directory gets me highest amount of visitors to my site from my articles.

Step 3 - Submit the Article to Your Website.

What most website owners do is that they create an articles page on their website and just jumble up all their articles in one page.

What I do is that I arrange my articles in different categories and in a step by step tutorial format. This makes my visitors really excited to check out articles as they present a killer step by step tutorial where they can get quality no cost information related to a particular theme.

Make sure you do this and then promote your tutorial page and you will see your site traffic and repeat visitor traffic explode.

Step 4 - Submit Your Article to Your Blog.

Make sure you submit your article to your blog. But here's a simple trick I use.

What I do is write an exciting introduction for my article and then I link my article to my blog.

I never submit my entire article to my blog. Rather I submit the article introduction and a link to my article.

This solves 2 purpose. Your blog will not contain duplicate content, it will contain unique content as you have specifically written a killer introduction only for your blog.

Unique content will give your blog more value in the eyes of search engines.

And secondly I can get my visitors to my pain content pages where I can promote my other related products along with quality content.

Step 5 - Make Posts in Forums.

STOP! If you are thinking that I am advising you to submit your articles in forums, please donot do this unless the forums allow you to submit your articles.

Most of the high traffic forums will not allow you to submit your articles directly into the post. And if you do it you will be cosidered as a spammer and spoil your reputation on the way.

Here's a trick that I use. For example: I have written an article that shows how to promote articles.

Now I visit a forum and I see that someone has asked for help on this same topic. What I will do is copy some relevant content from my article and then I paste it in my post.

The forum members will think that I have personally written a quality post to help the person but all I have done is converted my article content to a relevant answer to the question.

So make sure you donot paste the article directly. Rather copy some of your relevant article content and then convert it into a userful solution for the member. You will earn respect and credibility by doing this.

Just apply the 5 simple steps above and I bet you will see your website traffic blast through the roof. You can thank me later.

Check out part 6 where I will show you how you can expand your internet business using this newly created content in 5 crazy steps.

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