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Your Entire Internet Business and Traffic Generation Success Starts From One Shocking Point - Part 6

Aug 17, 2007
Make sure you check out part 1 that will show you why content is the starting point of your internet business success...


Then move on to part 2 that will show you how to build permanent traffic to your website with the help of content...


Check out part 3 where I will give you simple tricks that will help you to generate content quickly and easily...


Check out part 4 to learn a secret tactic that you can use starting today to write a quality article in less than 30 minutes...


Check out part 5 to learn a simple 5 block formula I personally use to promote my articles consistently to attract storms of lazer targeted website traffic...


Now that you have learned how to create quality content for your website and get tons of lazer targeted traffic from your content, I will now show you how you can expand your internet business using this newly created content.

There are simple steps that you have to follow once you have enough content in your hands on a specific topic.

Lets say that you are writing articles for last 2 months. Now you have a collection of 18 articles relating to article marketing niche.

What will you do with this niche related specific content? Here are some steps that you can use right now to expand your internet businesss using this content.

Step 1 - Create Report.

Create a killer report and name it as...

"How to Write Quality Content and Attract 523+ Unique Visitors this Month to Your Website?"

Writing quality 12 to 15 page report will help you to attract tons of leads, visitors and sales to your site.

You can link this report with quality affiliate programs and make some good money in the process. You can send this report to your visitors, but make sure you sign them up as your subscribers before you pass your quality report to them.

Step 2 - Create a Mini-eBook.

You can create a quality 30 page mini-ebook that will focus on a particular niche.

All you have to do is arrange your content into a pdf format and give your visitors a download url.

You can link this ebook to your products and services, affiliate programs, lead page and make money in the process.

I am sure you are finding more creative ideas to use your content.

Step 3 - Make Steps 1 and 2 Viral.

Make sure you convert your report into a viral document by allowing your visitors and subscribers to brand it with their name and url. You can also get them to signup under your affiliate program and let them include their affiliate link in your report or mini-ebook.

This will get them to distribute your ebook at rapid speed and thus help you to reach more customers.

Step 3 - Create Autoresponder eCourse.

You can create a step by step ecourse and distribute it to your subscribers.

Ecourses are really hot in attracting sales and getting new subscribers so make sure you use it to the maximum extent.

Step 4 - Create Affiliate Tools.

Your website content can be used by your affiliates to promote your website. They can use your autoresponder ecourse, mini-ebook, reports and articles and brand them with their affiliate link and distribute them to promote your website.

Just imagine the kind of exposure you will receive once you have this kind of system in place. And this is all possible once you have quality content at your doorsteps.

Step 5 - Increase Your Website Content.

Use your articles and content to create step by step tutorials on your website on different niches. Free tutorials and quality information will help you to attract tons of visitors to your site as every one loves quality info specially when it is free.

You can then side track your visitors to your squeeze page, product salesletters or to your affiliate programs.

You can also include your content and articles in your blog and let the search engine spiders index your content and send you tons of free traffic along the way.

This is a simple game plan to expand your internet business.

I am sure you have found this 6 part website traffic generation articles extremely useful.

I would advise you to take serious steps and put this into action and see your internet business and traffic counter explode. You can thank me later.
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