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Your Entire Internet Business and Traffic Generation Success Starts From One Shocking Point - Part 3

Aug 17, 2007
Make sure you check out part 1 that will show you why content is the starting point of your internet business success...


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In this article you will learn some simple tricks that will help you to create killer quality content for your website, blogs, newsletter, articles, report, etc.

The very first thing you can do is visit online article directories like ezinearticles.com and visit the same category in which you want to create quality content.

You will find hundreds if not thousands of articles written by different authors in your niche.

Read few articles, pick up some ideas from it and make points out of your ideas. In this research stage what you're doing is collecting ideas and then making that idea a starting point and going on from that point.

Let us assume that you read an article about viral marketing. You checked out a point where the author just briefly introduces you to the concept of mini-ebooks as a perfect viral marketing tactic.

Now what you can do is pull out this mini-ebook idea and write a complete article on its own.

Here's how to do it. The very first thing you can do is start writing your article body in point format in a step by step sequence. Start writing whatever you know with complete speed, just pour everything out of your brain.

In our previous example, I will start introducing the power of information products in an internet business.

Then I will introduce the concept of mini-ebooks and how it can be used as a free bait to collect leads.

Then I will move on to introducing the viral power of mini-ebooks and then how to brand ebooks to make them viral and distribute them.

So just one idea about a mini-ebook turned into a complete article on its own. And yes you are always free to use google to research more about mini-ebooks if you are in need of more ideas. You will be flooded with ideas if you use google to do your research.

Once you have poured from your brain everything that you know about mini-ebooks, the second step by need to do is write a short intro paragraph at the beginning of the article and a closure at the end. This is known as header and footer of your article.

This step will get extremely easy as you have written the body of the article after doing a thorough research.

Now the last step is to write your article headline in an exciting and benefit laden style. In our above example you could write a headline like this...

Viral Power of Mini-eBooks to Boost Your Website Traffic in 4 Killer Steps

It is all done. Let me show you all the steps once again in a nutshell...

Step 1 - Research.

Use online article directories and google to research article ideas.

Step 2 - Article Body.

Write down your article body in points or step by step format.

Step 3 - Header and Footer.

Write down header and footer of your article.

Step 4 - Headline.

The final step is to write your article headline in benefit laden style.

I have written hundreds of articles using this 4 simple steps to create a content rich website and spread my name on thousands of websites. Make sure you donot take these steps lightly and get started today.

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