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Make Fast Easy Money Online - How to Do It

Aug 17, 2007
Many people will tell you that there's no way to make fast money online, at least not legally. Even experienced internet entrepreneurs will tell you that it takes a lot of time, money, and determination. There are as many ways to make money doing business online as there are to make money offline, and just like doing offline business, the right strategy at the right time to the right market can get very fast and profitable results.

The first fast money online method I used was on eBay. As one of the top ten most visited sites on the entire internet, it is perfectly positioned to attract buyers to whatever product you sell. Online payment processors like Paypal are trustworthy and people can freely browse through the listings to find just what they want at a bargain price. Sellers have the benefit of cheap listings in front of millions of potential buyers who have the tools to narrow their searches to find exactly what you offer.

The drawbacks to doing business exclusively on eBay are that you need to maintain inventory, deal with shipping costs, and some buyers may not behave themselves and never pay, leaving you with your listing fees. In addition, there's the legal and accounting hassle of taxes and asset protection, merchant fees and handling returns. Selling on eBay can be very profitable and gets very fast results, however, many become disenchanted with the benefits after dealing with false buyers or complainers who return items or demand refunds.

The second way to make fast money online is to become an affiliate for these hot selling products, such as through Amazon. You receive a commission for driving buyers to the website to buy physical products like books and electronics. One of the biggest advantages of becoming an affiliate with Amazon is that oftentimes the buyers will purchase more than just one product at a time, giving you multiple commissions for getting one buyer to the site. The buyers aren't yours to deal with, you don't process the payments, you don't ship the products or need to collect sales tax!

A drawback to affiliate marketing on Amazon is that many inexperienced newbies start throwing money at advertising campaigns to promote their affiliate sites without understanding many basic concepts about targeting prospects, finding niche products, building mailing lists, and driving traffic.

Many new affiliates go broke on Google Adwords trying to buy clicks and visitors without understanding how to write ad copy that converts prospects into buyers or how to offer similar back end products that enhance the original offer. Other pay through the nose for so-called "qualified leads" and wonder why they are calling a twelve-year-old kid who supposedly was interested in your product or service. Those that manage to somewhat successfully build lists tend to throw one unrelated product offer after another at their prospects, who quickly opt out once they see the list owner is only after their money.

What is the best way to make fast easy money online then?

Selling automated marketing systems that help others to overcome all of the difficulties mentioned above. All these problems and solutions require time, which is our most precious asset. Most people are not willing to invest the time it takes to build their business the way they need to, they need results and they need them fast.

What needs to be automated are systems for attracting interested prospects to a site, presenting the offer that motivates action, closing the sale and resolving doubts, and giving the buyers what they purchased in a way that satisfies their needs. Once marketers have automated systems for all these aspects, they simply duplicate them over and over until they achieve the cash flow goals they set out to achieve.

These kinds of systems are available in many formats. For website visitors there are ad exchanges, free classifieds, and joint ventures. To close sales there are professional sales closers who offer their services for a very reasonable fee. For the prospects who become your buyers there are customer service agencies or trainers who can give you the leverage you need. You can't be everything, but you can be something. Choose to learn the marketing, and out source the other stuff using automated systems so you can focus your time on improving that most important part of your business.
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Tyler Ellison teaches how to make fast easy money online marketing legally using automated systems and guerilla techniques to promote businesses.
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