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Website Marketing Proposals: What To Expect

Aug 17, 2007
If you are planning on hiring an outside party to market your company's website, you'll soon discover that there are many providers competing for your business. With all the choices, it's important to know ahead of time about the options that are available. With that in mind, here is information on three of the most common types of website marketing proposals you'll likely come across. Use this information to help you make the right choice when selecting the best marketing provider for your needs.

Search Engine Optimization Services

What They Do: Search engine optimizers (SEOs) will attempt to get your site to rank high for certain keyword phrases in one or more of the major search engines. An effective provider will be able to identify keywords that your target market is looking for, and then be able to optimize your website's pages to rank high on those terms in the natural search engine results.

What To Beware Of: Many SEO services provide "Number 1" ranking services. They will charge you to get your site ranking in number one position for specific keyword phrases of their choosing. The problem is, these are often phrases that do not receive much, if any traffic, which does your site no good at all. Beware of any SEO service that claims it can get you top rankings on competitive keywords. An honest SEO will let you know it's better to target numerous related keyword phrases with low but steady demand. You can then bank on the aggregate results of the free traffic they develop.

Pay Per Click Managers

What They Do: Some marketing services offer to create and manage a pay per click campaign for your site. Once they have identified the keywords used by your target market, they will create small ads that will show up along with the natural search engine results on sites such as Google and Yahoo. The difference is, you have to pay for every visitor that clicks the ad and visits your site. The advantage to this over natural search engine optimization is that the traffic can start coming to your site almost instantly after the campaign has begun.

What To Beware Of: Make certain to compare per visitor prices from each service whose marketing proposal you consider. Also make sure they give you contact information from other clients so you can check out previous results. Good pay per click campaign managers will be able to generate targeted traffic that converts well at a very reasonable cost per click. Bad pay per click managers will be able to drive an agreed upon amount of traffic to your site fast, but the targeting may be so poor that it won't result in any new clients or sales.

Viral Campaign Developers

What They Do: If you are planning on doing large scale marketing for your website, you'll want to consider using a company that implements viral campaigns as part of their marketing proposal. Done correctly and professionally, a viral campaign can produce powerful results that get people talking about your site and spreading the word fast and furiously, creating a snowball effect that continues to bring a growing stream of traffic to your site for a long time.

What To Beware Of: Although they have the potential to create massive results, viral marketing campaigns are both expensive and risky. Keep in mind, not every viral campaign will be a smashing success, and if the company's proposal doesn't guarantee specific results, you should make sure that the money you are spending is money you are willing to lose. Again, it is very important to check for proof of results from previous clients before making the decision to hire a company to develop a viral marketing campaign for your website.
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