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Writing Articles Is a Low Cost or a No Cost Marketing Method

Aug 17, 2007
Writing articles can be done on a totally free basis.

1. To market articles for free, you need to write them yourself

2.You then need to submit the articles manually to article directories. If you are on a tight budget this certainly works, but it is time consuming.

A better way is to write keyword rich articles yourself and submit through a service.

1. An article submission service can be found for free. This gives less distribution than the paid service, but still gives decent circulation to a variety of sites and is much faster than doing it yourself.

2. A paid service is even better, because you get much wider circulation. Some things are worth paying for.

Whether you use a free or a paid service to submit the articles you write, it will greatly free up your time. That way you write the article once, and it is submitted to many article directories for you. With the time you save on submissions, you can be writing more articles.

So what makes article writing such a good method of marketing?

On the Internet almost everyone who has a website or newsletter is looking for more content. Your article could be fulfilling that need. You submit the article to a directory, and a newsletter editor or website owner may take your article and post the article in their newsletter or on their website. Since your resource box must be included with a link to your website this can bring you traffic and backlinks.

Getting more backlinks to your website will raise your ranking in the search engines, which will bring you even more traffic. Articles have become one of the very best ways to promote your website.

Writing articles is probably the best way to get your website indexed. The search engines prefer to find websites by following links. Your article posted on several websites will give them a trail to follow. Each of these links counts as a vote for your website.

Go to an article directory and select the title of an article and type it into a search engine and see how many instances come up. This will give you some idea of the power of article writing.

The search engines change their criteria on a regular basis. Many methods of promotion that once worked have lost their punch, or could even cause problems, but article marketing is still a good marketing method, and probably will be for a long time.

There are many things you can do with articles once you have them written. Articles can be recycled in many ways to your benefit, so keep copies of articles you've written. You may find many new ways to use them in the future.

Once you have a few articles, you could even start your own article directory as a section of your website.

Article writing is a valuable way to get exposure for your website, increase the credibility of your website, bring traffic, and get more backlinks.
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