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The Branding Power of Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Multi-billion dollar companies have the luxury glitzy television and magazine advertisements that highlight not only their brand names, but also their logos. Since memory and vision are so strongly connected, a flashy or unique logo can play a major role in helping customers re-identify the product in a new setting.

The rest of us mortals have to find other ways to build that all-important name recognition. Article marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways for smaller business owners to do this. And since the articles we write rarely feature our company logos, our brand name becomes that much more important.

We are bombarded by media messages from every direction; business owners are left to wonder how to make their single brand stand out. Especially when, let's face it, your marketing budget is probably not as robust as you'd like. With all of the celebrity appearances and shock-inducing advertisements on television, in magazines, and online, it can be overwhelming to cut the clutter. Is it just too outlandishly difficult to capture the attention of your target market and get them to know your name?

Fortunately, the opposite is true. Your visitors are out there, searching for the information you provide. Marketing has undergone a significant shift in the Internet age, and consumers are controlling the flow of information to their computer screens. Create a dedicated campaign that provides that info, and your brand name will be popping up all over the place.

The Hype Factor
Creating a product that deserves some brand name hype is perhaps the biggest feat a business owner faces. It doesn't make sense to spend time marketing a product that doesn't have any market appeal. So step one is to create a product that lives up to its name. This is at the core of every company's success. There has to be significant substance, or brand integrity, behind the great name you create.

Since there are a million different definitions of what makes a "good" product, ask yourself a few simple questions. How is your product different from others in the industry? What is unique about your company? Why would a customer want/need/desire/use this product? If you can answer those questions definitively and succinctly, you are on your way to a strong brand identity.

How to Choose a Good Name
Brand consultants can help you define your brand and create a company name. There are even "brand name generators" online that spit out random words and phrases. Keep in mind that the brand name must convey your brand experience. More simply, the brand name must impress on the customers what you are all about.

A few suggestions can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of various brand naming techniques:

1. Choose a descriptive, rather than abstract, name. Give the customer a feel for the company mission through the brand name. While "John's Tire Company" is a bit bland, "Zenexoquia" leaves too much unanswered. You don't want a name that confuses people.

2. Stay away from acronyms or ambiguous names. "HGT Inc." or "The Johnson Company" say nothing. Don't waste the words.

3. Including a key word in your brand name can lead to greater search engine optimization. For instance, "Fred Finley's Famous Fudge Factory" will find a better ranking in Google when the word "fudge" is searched than a generic name like "FF Unlimited." This is an especially important point to keep in mind for article marketers, and part of the reason that Article Marketer itself has such strong name recognition.

Getting Noticed
Once you have a great product and a great brand name, it's time to get it out there and get some eyeballs on it. Establish a uniform tone and voice for all of your articles. If your writing is playful and fun, readers will subconsciously link your brand name to such qualities. If the writing is serious and highly professional, that is the overall brand image that readers will take away. Maintain that tone throughout your articles and you'll begin to build a brand identity in your niche market.

Article marketing is a valuable tool in your quest to gain name recognition for your company. Create a business that is worthy of an illustrious name and all you'll have to do is get it in front of eager customers! Use the power of automated article distribution to build your fabulous brand.
About the Author
Carol Palmatier is the brand manager at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Take advantage of the power of article marketing to build your brand identity.
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