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If Free Is The Most Powerful Word In Marketing, Why Does It Always Come With So Many Conditions

Aug 17, 2007
Free, a simple little word, but simple or not it evokes powerful emotions in all of us. The hope of actually getting something for nothing.

But is free the best way to go or should we resign ourselves to the simple fact that everything in life has its price and if we truly want free do we have to sacrifice our privacy to get it.

When taking advantage of a free offer or free trial do you ever stop to think why you are being offered this supposedly world encompassing, awe inspiring product for free or do you just dive in blindly simply because it is free, which begs the question, do you really value anything you are given as opposed to products for which you have to pay.

On the Internet, to receive anything for free you generally have to part with some personal information and its the divulging of this information which mostly allows the companies involved to not only send you details of their own products but to sell or rent your information to other companies for the same purpose.

This can cause so many problems with your email account, resulting in a never ending flood of unwanted offers that miraculously start to appear in your inbox. You go from a trickle of emails from friends and aquaintences to a tsunami of offers for anything from free porn to stocks and shares trading advice. All unwanted, all invasive, but there day after day all the same.

How do we avoid falling into this trap and how, if we do want free offers or trials, do we protect ourselves from the companies that use our personal information in this way.

Its a simple problem to solve. The first step is don't so eager to receive free stuff that you neglect to take a few minutes to read the small print before you give up your personal information. Free offers will normally direct you to a site where you are required to sign up or register in order to receive the offer. Familiarize yourself with the site and particularly the sites privacy policy. If the privacy policy allows the site owner to sell your information this will result in a flood of unwanted offers and most do wish to sell or rent your information.

Some sites however, and these are the sites whose offers I consider it safe to proceed with, only wish to send you details of their own products which they feel may be of interest to you. Don't be misled here, you still receive offers that wont interest you but you can rest assured that at least now your email address should not be all over the Internet and you wont be receiving offers that, if like me you use a shared email account with your partner, can sometimes be a little embarrassing and difficult to explain.

Free can be paramount for a great product or service and in some cases you are offered a free trial or product by a site as a prelaunch offer. If you ignore free simply because you are afraid of the prospect of an inbox of unwanted mail you will no doubt miss out on some of the best new products and innovations available on the Internet.

This would be crazy, especially if you are trying to make your living online. There are some excellent products out there and with a little due diligence on your part you can take advantage of these services and products without the usual ensuing problems.

So, get out there and take advantage of what's available for free but be a little more discerning in your choice of offer and a little less eager to part with your contact information.
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