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Create Your Own Article Directory

Aug 17, 2007
As article directories become more and more popular many are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own article directories.

Consider that thousands of Internet marketers are publishing articles to directories for the purpose of building inbound links and promoting website there is no sign of the market being over saturated.

There is still plenty of room for new article directories and the potential for making money from Google Adsense and other pay per click ads is unlimited.

Historically, Google ads have been the primary source of revenue for most article directories. This is no longer the case and owners of article directories can now earn money from multiple sources by using Google Adsense and setting up their own affiliate links.

Anyone wanting to start their own article directory can find inexpensive and even free article directory scripts online. The people who supply these article directory scripts may even install it for your for free or for a very small fee. If they install it for free they may require that you get hosting from a certain company.

The web content business is booming and since article directories require only original or ghost written work the potential for earning money in the web content business is outstanding.

The benefits of starting an article directory are many. When you own an article directory you do not have to worry about writing content, hiring ghost writers, etc. Users come to your site with content they wrote and submit it for you to publish.

The more articles that people submit to your site, the more of an "authority" your site becomes, and the search engines love popular authority sites.

There are some article directories that are quietly making thousands of dollars with article submissions. Some of these directories receive more than 50,000 unique visitors every day, and as mentioned before, they do not have to write any content.

People who own article directories make money through Google Adsense, affiliate commissions, selling their own products, or selling advertising.

You can find more information about the web content business by just doing a Google search for "Article Directories. If you like what you see and you think you might be interested in this kind of business, do another search for "Free Directory Script" and choose the paid or free installation.

Just make sure to read the terms as to what's included with the script and whether you can add or delete your own content.
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