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Promoting Your Site on a Shoestring Budget

Aug 17, 2007
Advertising online used to be all about email marketing. This was a very effective advertising medium and reigned supreme for quite a long time. But as is the way of things and people it was pushed beyond its useful boundaries and spam was born. Infact it escalated to such an extent that governments around the world actually passed legislation outlawing spam and the people behind it. So sounding the death nell for email marketing.

In its wake we had adwords and various other pay per click systems. Although very effective initially. Adwords campaigns can tend to get a little out of hand. Yes you see sales and the system does work but its far from perfect. Adwords campaigns can quite easily cost you far more than you can possibly make if your product or the information you are selling carries a low ticket price. Especially when you witness keyword bids exceeding the 100 dollar mark per click.

Then we witnessed the birth of list building and optin emailing and every site you go to wants your email address before you can look at what they have to offer. After which you get bombarded with emails selling you everything from penis enlargement to hardcore porn. This is nothing more than a form of spam but now you have the permission of the individual to send it. Hence the term optin. Great if your site is constucted in a way as to harvest or collect email addresses from your visitors and youve got a penis enlargement product to sell but you have to get the visitors first or you cant sign them up to receive your information.

So how do we do this without using spam adwords or the latest advertising wave adsense.

What we all want is to get our site seen. Whether thats by using the methods described above or reverting back to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is no longer an option for most people simply because it has become blatantly obvious that the only way to get your site in the top search results is to throw unlimited amounts of money at it to bring in the all important links.

As for links. There was a time when it was universally accepted that setting up reciprocal links with sites that complimented yours was the way to go but recently with the emergence of adsense this is becoming a thing of the past also.

Adsense is just another twist on adwords only now instead of just finding it on the right hand side of your Google search you find it on almost every site you visit. This isnt economical advertising because of the link to adwords and pay per click so where does that leave us and what of the future.

The Internet is renowned for its innovative approach to any and all obstacles that are placed in its way and advertising without breaking the bank is just such an obstacle.

Now we see the emergence of the Search Sub Engine a new innovation thats all set to take advertising online to a new level. With the search sub engine you can list your site for weeks for just a couple of dollars and as this phenomenon grows it will no doubt bite into the advertising business already enjoyed by the search engines themselves. Search sub engines promise to be adsense free and advertisement free which will not place any diversions in the way of the surfer. This should get them directly to your homepage with the minimum of distractions. Search sub engines also rotate your listing so everyone has the opportunity to reach that all important No1 position and pull in those sales which is more than we have ever had from any of the previous forms of advertising.

Looks like a great idea and a fantastic way to advertise without breaking the bank. Lets just hope it takes off and if it does that they dont go down the same road as all the others by becoming too greedy.
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