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Conquering an Unstable Market with Real Estate Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
The conventional tools of real estate are falling by the wayside more and more each day. The Internet is now becoming the most effective, reliable and user-friendly way to increase your potential. This is achieved through effective and well-planned real estate Internet marketing.

Twenty years ago when people were looking for a new home, they would drive the streets and look for 'for sale' signs and open houses. Magazines of listings were also quite popular but are now waning in their usefulness. The World Wide Web is now the absolute best and most effective way to both post and to browse home buying and selling.

Real estate Internet marketing is a very broad term that has many different components. Most of this type of marketing is geared to the brokers, but the innovations benefit the consumers as well.

One of the most effective ways to market online is through exchanging external links with other like-minded real estate sites. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo will reward sites that have a surplus of incoming links. This will in turn serve to boost your search engine potential. And search engines are the key to a successful real estate Internet marketing campaign.

Press releases are another one of the most effective ways to garner more qualified leads to your home selling site. A well-written and well-placed press release is one of the cheapest ways to garner more hits to your site. Many press releases will be picked up by other websites and online publications, which will further serve to boost your online presence. Many newspapers are also looking for last minute items to fill the pages and might use your press release to achieve that.

The beauty of a press release is that there is no standard format or topic. It can be about anything involving your company. You could release one about a new president of the company; an office expansion or even a new real estate venture.

Including a link to your site on your press release is an invaluable way to ensure traffic will be coming to your site. And since press releases will be tossed around all over the Internet, it is a continuing and never ending resource.

However, the most effective manner of this type of marketing is through the publication of online articles. Article marketing is a tool that can be used by nearly any business but many realtors have discovered it to be an incredibly effective method of getting their website out to the masses.

The best method to ensure a successful article marketing campaign is writing articles that will be of interest to your target market. Whether it is real estate trends, price fluctuations or general articles about the housing market, you need to ensure that your audience will be interested.

With an article that is properly written and distributed, you can increase your online visibility tenfold. There are many sites online that allow you to post articles for free. Therefore, the only cost that you will incur is the time invested to write it or the cost to hire a ghostwriter. In turn, a well-written and informative article will end up multiplying all over the Internet.

These are just a few of the many ways to achieve a successful real estate Internet marketing campaign but these simple tips are enough to get you started. The Internet is by far the best marketing tool of our generation, so learn to use it to your advantage.
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Andy West is a freelance writer for American Home Pros. Visit http://americanhomepros.com/state/101/realtor-tools.html to learn more about real estate internet marketing.
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