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And The Search Goes On

Aug 17, 2007
I think most if not all of us have been there. Only a couple of evenings ago I was helping my daughter with her school homework and as we often do we were using the Internet to help with her studies and to cover my lack of knowledge on the subject.

For years now the Internet has been my saviour when helping my children with their studies. Maybe the kids are learning things I didnt or its just that the years have muddled my mind and I dont remember studying these particular subjects.

But lets get to the point. Like I was saying I was helping my daughter with her studies and using the Internet as a reference point. But it all seems to have gone to pot. Maybe its the rush by everyone to try to make some money from promoting other people sites or I have missed some major upheaval on the Internet.

Every search we carried out just seemed to take us from link to link and in some instances to sites that had no content whatsoever but were entirely filled with links to other sites that in turn were linked to other sites. It seems to me that the Information Highway is suffering from a major snarlup. The mother of all traffic jams is choking the life out of the Internet.

Our ability to search is being threatened by dollar hungry vultures whose only reason for existance is to carry links. Its worse than I had at first thought. Searches are taking longer and longer and the content of some sites is abissmal or non existant.

We are been drowned in a sea of unneccesary bilge and its choking the life out of the greatest invention of the twentieth century. These people and their sites are serving no purpose whatsoever and they are causing chaos on the highway.

If you were walking down the road in a strange town trying to get to a particular place and everyone you spoke to gave you different directions which continually sent you round in circles never to reach your destination would you be a little annoyed. Well I was. What can we do. What is the answer to the increasing amount of diversions we encounter everytime we try to search the Internet.

Would a return to the Good Old Days be the answer or am I just getting old and grumpy. I dont think I am getting grumpy. Old I cant control but grumpy I dont think so.

It cant just be me who experiences this frustrating trend of websites that have no function except to carry links to other websites that have no function that eventually leeds you away from your search and lands you on a hard porn site which is far from pleasant for me never mind my young daughter sat by my side.

I dont think controls are the answer. There are already too many controls in our daily lives and the Internet is often like a breath of fresh air where people can say what they wish and if they choose to watch hardcore porn they can. But I dont choose to watch this kind of material and I certainly dont wish to be led to it in a roundabout fashion whilst trying to help my ten year old complete her homework assignment.

Maybe another type of search system is the answer. A system where this wont be a problem. Where if you click on a link to a site then the site is where you arrive without going on a tour of the Internets red light districts.
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Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
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