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Online Advertising the Blight of the Internet

Aug 17, 2007
A couple of evenings ago I was putting the finishing touches to my latest website when an old friend and long time colleague called to see me. Looking over my shoulder whilst I completed my site he commented that I hadnt optimized my site for adsense and how did I expect to make any money online if I wasnt carrying ads for other businesses on my site.

I am fully aware of the recent explosion in adsense advertising. You would have to be blind to miss it. But if everyone is doing it and most sites you go to contain it then is it as effective as we are led to believe. Maybe not. are the advertisers making any sales from it or is it just another cash tree for Google

Websites were originally intended as points of reference. A library at your finger tips. But advertising has taken over and sites and their content are suffering as a result.

If I go to our local library and choose a book I dont expect to open that book and find that the first twenty pages are filled with ads of the publishers back catalog and I dont really want to see this happening to the Internet. But all the same it is and its got to be detrimental to the Net and so to us.

There is a wave of greed sweeping the Internet and it now seems that sites are more concerned about how many adsense ads they can cram into their pages that content is being forgotten in favor of online capitalism. I am all in favor of capitalism but not at the expense of the only place on earth where you could disappear for a few hours uninterupted by the pressures of your everyday life.

Lets face it. Advertising is pressure. Its sole purpose is to create a feeling of want and must have and if you are selling products online then ok. But when it invades information sites its getting out of hand.

Even Blogs are now infected with this disease. Blogs the one time home of the geek has now been invaded by adsense and driven by the chance to make a few extra dollars whilst the content starts to suffer.

Open and blatant advertising invades everything we do from driving down the road looking at the billboards to the spam in my inbox. We cant get away from it but does that mean we have to accept it in every area of our lives or should limits be placed on the amount of ads which are acceptable on one site.

Recently I was looking through eBay and in the websites for sale section I was amazed and quite dismayed to see that sites are being built and sold for the sole purpose of being loaded with adsense and no ther content whatsoever. Surely this is advertising out of control. The internet being driven by greed.

Advertising is important we all agree. But its not the driving force in our lives. It exists to inform us of new products and innovations. To bring our attention to items and products that are supposed to make our lives that little bit easier. Does that mean bombarding us at every turn.

Making your living online is a dream for millions of people all over the world and with emerging economies such as China, Russia and Korea we all have a greater chance of actually achieving the dream but I for one dont see the point of running a website that has no other purpose than to display ads without any decent content to go with it.

Yes we all advertise. We have to. Its the only way to get our products out there. But surely not at the expense of content. Even glamour magazines which are traditionally just advertising vehicles have some useful content for their readers. Yes we have clssified ads sites but when you go to one of these sites you know what to expect.

I have seen adsense on sites that is nothing more than competition for the site where the ad is placed. This is a prime example of content suffering. If the site owner is not sure of his own product or his homepage doesnt carry a strong enough sales message he fills his home page with ads for competing sites and products hoping to pick up a few pennies when people click through his site. Doesnt he want people to buy from HIS SITE. Is he only interested in being used as another avertising vehicle.

Maybe the time has come to keep the ads where they belong on the traditional ads sites and get back to basics and offer some real content or would that see an explosion of sites devoted solely to advertising.

Seems like a vicious circle to me with no apparent way out. But this is the Internet and traditionally the Internet is full of enterprising and innovative people. Maybe the answer is already under our noses and it will take advertising to show us the way. If it is advertising that shows us the way then lets keep it within the budget of the individual and lets not allow it to take control or to be taken from our grasp and be controlled by the just the few as it is now.
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