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Nice Site, Shame Nobody Will See It

Aug 17, 2007
Like all the best ideas, it came to you in a flash, a moment of pure inspiration and you just knew it couldn't fail. Your idea for the next big thing, the product or program that will take the Internet by storm, make you famous online and earn you a fortune in the process.

Does all this sound familiar. It should, because this is where it all starts, that momentary flash of inspiration that ha ha moment.

This is just the beginning. You've got your idea, now you have to do your research to discover if by any remote chance, amongst all the millions of Internet users, if your idea is a genuine first or have thousands of others had the same brainwave and started the race to the top without you. The chances are that the latter is the case and you are not alone with this world changing idea.

So how do you get the edge and push your site and your version of this product or information to the top and ensure that if any sales are to result from this idea, that it's you who should benefit and not the other guys.

The answer is in your marketing efforts. It's your dedication to marketing and promoting your site that will eventually bring the desired results.

Where do you start, maybe do a search on Google for marketing tools. Lets look at the results you might obtain and then decide where this course of action will lead.

At the time this article was being written Google search results for Marketing Tools returned 153 million results. What do you do and how do you decide which of these 153 million results are right for you and your site. It's an impossible situation and no matter how much research you carry out, how many testimonials from satisfied customers you read, you can't make a decision which way to proceed.

You turn to your email in box, and you discover a plethora of what promises to be the latest marketing tools being promoted by the Internet Gurus. But who are these people and what makes them experts, are they telling you the truth or are they simply after your hard earned cash, you don't know, not for sure. But, you have to do something, you've spent all that money having your website built and now you want the world to see it and the fantastic product it contains.

Feeling dejected and confused you turn to the tried and tested methods such as Search Engine Optimization, Ad words and Ad sense. Because, after all, isn't this the way everyone does it, and if you stick at it won't you eventually get to the top of the search results and enjoy all the hits and sales that go hand in hand with this magical position.

Maybe, but if we look at it logically and this is where most of us fall down, we look at it with rose tinted glasses and we do this because, this is ours, this is mine, I know there is a market and my site looks fantastic so move over everyone else, I'm on my way.

It's at this point that we all fail to realize that all the millions of other site owners out there are doing exactly the same. For the search criteria for your site, and your keywords there are only so many top spots available and the competition is fierce, very fierce.

What do you do now, where do you go and how do you achieve your goal. The competition is overwhelming and you can't see a way forward that won't break your advertising bank or worse still, bankrupt you and leave your beautiful new site and your fantastic product lost within the billions of other search results that nobody will ever get to see. It's at this point that despair sets in and you feel totally deflated, there doesn't appear to be a way through all this, there isn't a clear route to the top.

This may have been the case in the past, but now there is light to be found at the end of the tunnel and that light is in the form of the Search Sub Engine.

A Search Sub Engine, now that's a new one. We haven't heard of that one before, so what is it and how can it help with our marketing efforts and serve to reinstate our faith in the Internet.

As far as I'm aware at the time of writing there is only one Search Sub Engine and it hasn't even gone live yet, not until 7th March 2007. That said, when it does go live what can it do for us and will it give us that all important edge over the competition.

A Search Sub Engine is a system which we can use to list our sites. It works by rotating your site over a set period of up to 28 days. During which time your listing gradually reaches the No1 position for your search criteria. Unlike the standard Search Engine which relies on Keywords, Meta tags, Content and Search Engine Optimization, the Search Sub Engine is a fair for all marketing tool which, regardless of your position with the Search Engines, will allow your site to reach No1, and on a regular basis.

The Search Sub Engine has been designed as a fair system. There is no way that anyone with a large advertising budget can benefit over those of us who haven't got such funds available. Nor does it allow any forms of outside advertising such as, Ad words, Ad sense or any other form of paid for oneupmanship. It promises to to get the job done without the usual bias towards the big guy with the endless budget, and allow the independent site owner the opportunity to achieve a higher search rating than he is ever likely to with any standard Search Engine.

Having said that, it is new, and regardless of how much research has been carried out, it is basically untried as yet, so it still remains to be proven. The idea behind it is definately a winner and it can only be good for everyone regardless of your Search Engine rating or your experience. This system is setting new levels of fairness on the Internet and allowing everyone to finally get their site seen.

What you do with this opportunity is up to you and your marketing strategy, but surely, anything that can make our online lives easier is worth the benefit of the doubt, even more so when it's free.
About the Author
Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
Be content with your marketing and research efforts. Using a system that actually works is the first important step
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