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Create Driving Success From An Audio Business Book

Aug 17, 2007
An audio business book can provide us with a valuable way to utilize our drive time productively by providing us with new and valuable information or even just reminding us of what we already know. We spend so much time in our cars these days, rushing from one appointment or event to another, that audio books can be a wonderful blessing.

How many of us have a list of books we want to read but somehow just can't seem to get around to it? Most of us, probably. Despite the need to constantly keep up in a competitive business environment, we can be so overwhelmed by the urgent demands of business that we don't always get around to the luxury of reading a book. An audio business book can solve this problem by giving us the opportunity to learn as we drive. The audio books are often read by the author and are usually slightly condensed versions so that they can fit on tapes or CDs.

Now it is possible to be a more effective and educated person simply by listening to audio books while you are driving. Famous motivation and self help writers now have their books available as audio books. You have probably heard of Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' but have you actually read it? Now's your chance! Increase sales through personal influence and improve your relationships with friends, staff and customers.

Another audio business book well worth listening to is 'The Long Tail' by Chris Anderson. This book discusses the changing world of marketing and business with the growth of the internet and accompanying technology. It is now possible for people without a great deal of capital to market themselves, their services or their products to a broad range of people. No longer are people limited to a strictly defined pathway to success. The journey to business success is a lot more accessible through the internet. Just by listening to this audio book as you drive to work, you may be inspired to take new pathways or be led to new and greater heights of inspiration.

Other audio business books worth listening to include:

'Guerrilla Marketing for The Home-Based Business' by Jay Levinson and Seth Godin. This is a practical audio business book that reveals the secrets of some of the most successful work-from-home business people. It includes eleven proven techniques to sky-rocket your business.

'Jack: Straight from the Gut' by Jack Welch, who is one of the most successful CEOs ever. He reveals the steps that you can follow to become just as equally successful in your career.

'Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap' by Jim Collins. Jim carried out extensive research into what businesses do to sustain long-term success, while their rivals fall by the wayside. Without the techniques and strategies, no company or business can excel beyond a few days, weeks or even months.

These audio books contain a wealth of information that can enhance your career or your business and propel you towards creating a solid foundation.

This is the true value of an audio business book. Not that it just provides information, but that it offers usable, tried and true ways to achieve success. Pressing 'play' and paying attention to the wisdom inherent in these audio books, is a small price to play for a successful and fulfilling business life.
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