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How To Launch A Successful Home-Based Tutoring Business

Aug 17, 2007
Do you know a topic or a subject better than most anybody else? Many people out there have done very well in the business world before starting a family. If this pertains to you, then here is a great work at home opportunity you may have overlooked.

You may be wondering about what course work can be taught out of the home. Will there be a high enough demand for your material? Will residents or even local businesses pay for them?. There are endless possibilities. Three areas that routinely receive the highest demand are computer courses, high school courses in math and English, and writing. If you have any training, college, or work experience, then you can use your acquired skills to tutor others.

Before starting out as a home-based tutor, you will need to set up your business structure. Find a place in your home where you can comfortably teach others while not being overly distracted by outside noise. You may have to purchase some comfortable chairs, tables and a writing board.

After you have set up the learning space, you will need to create your class curriculum. Typically, eight weeks would cover sufficient learning material. This can be translated into eight one-hour classes. When you are satisfied that you are ready to begin accepting students, you can start to market your services.

You can have flyers printed and post them on the bulletin board at the local grocery store. You can also advertise in the local newspaper classified ads or visit with area businesses informing them of your new offering. A good way to attract business would be to visit the administrators at the local high schools or the community colleges in your area. To get new students quickly, you should undercut your price as an introductory offer. Once your classes are full and you have repeat customers, you can slowly raise your prices to a point that you feel will fairly compensate you for your efforts.

As soon as you have established yourself as a tutor, you should consider branching out into other courses. Some examples are computer training, business and technical writing, and perhaps even phone etiquette. This represents the commercial side of the business. On one hand, you offer courses to school students. On the other side of the coin, you offer working professionals courses to assist them to grow professionally.

Business and technical writing is a subject area that is badly needed. Most people that are trying to establish a home tutoring business cannot write their way out of a paper box. Their mechanics of writing would horrify a second grade teacher. Although word processing software can correct spelling and grammar errors, the aspiring writer just cannot communicate thoughts in writing. Effective writing can put dollars in their pockets. Teaching your students the art of effective communication will put dollars in your bank account. The result: we all win.

By diversifying your course offerings you mitigate the risk of lost business should something change. For instance, if teachers begin to offer additional classroom time after school free of charge, you would still still have your commercial business upon which to fall back. You should also consider the possibilities offered by Distance Learning. Suddenly, you are not teaching your favorite subject material in your locality. Instead, you are teaching all over the world.

With distance learning, you do not have to convert your home into a classroom unless you plan to offer both face-to-face as well as electronic conference instructional formats. You will definitely need a high speed broadband internet connection. Above all else, you will need secure web conferencing software. This is essential to maintain your lesson curricula, your class enrollment, and the exhibits you will project to your class.

Setting up and operating a distance learning facility in your home will be exciting and challenging. It can be definitely rewarding financially.
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