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Four Steps To Handling and Making More Money

Aug 17, 2007
Anytime you are looking for a home business opportunity you have to look at a few things. How do you make money from home, and also how do you save money.

Here are a few things you need to look at when working from home.

1. BUDGET - Get one and stick with it! And set aside at least a small portion for savings while you're at it; savings for your future, your retirement, your education, your vacation, whatever. Head to your local office supply store for planning workbooks or budget sheets to use. Or head to your favorite search engine and type in, "budget planning" for hundreds of sites with articles, free downloads, tips, ebooks and other resources to help with your budget setup and follow up.

2. PLAN AHEAD - Make sure to plan for emergencies and the unexpected, like an appliance break down or garage door malfunction. Even if you can only set aside $50 or so each monthly, place it in an account and earmark it for this "Miscellaneous" fund. Then when things go wrong, and they will - nothing's perfect - you'll be better prepared.

3. NON-MONTHLY ITEMS - Work out a monthly payment for items that you don't pay monthly and set this up in your regular monthly budget. For example, for items like annual home owner or renter insurance, quarterly water bills and automobile insurance payments and annual trash bills, take the amounts and determine what they would be monthly. Then list the items on your budget log and pull these amounts aside, saving them in your account for those purposes. This way, when the bills hit, you won't be caught off guard and have to scrounge for the payments.

4. Pay yourself first. Take 10 percent of what you make and save it. Trust me, I have learned a long time ago to live VERY WELL on 90 percent.

Join only if you also have the attitude to work hard and help your 'downlines' as your business progresses. If you do not take the lead in training your downlines, it will be sheer wastage of time, money and effort, as they will not be able to do business. Support them whenever they need your help. The initial period is very crucial for if they are supported and trained well, they will jump onto the right track, otherwise they may lose interest in the business.

If you have a website, follow up your leads through autoresponders, so that you are in touch with your prospects. A key to success in network marketing is efficient and effective follow up.

Be prepared to have a team consisting of an accountant, chartered accountant etc. to help you with legal requirements associated with your big earnings.

Go through the tips again before you take the final plunge, for network marketing is a great opportunity for people who follow the right pattern and the right advice.

So next time you get paid, take three giant steps forward. Grab your index cards, follow your budget and invest in yourself and your future. Get a grip on your money handling.
About the Author
Jim Mack is a success coach, mentor and business leader that walks the walk and talks the talk. He has built several successful businesses and now teaches others to do the same
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