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Creating Network Marketing Prosperity

Aug 17, 2007
Everyone working a full time job has days when they think that starting a home based business might be better. There are several reasons for this, but most people neglect to ask themselves whether they are, in fact, ready to start one. Asking this question means that you have seriously thought through the implications of running a business and the requirements, sacrifices, and lifestyle alterations you may need to make.

Once you have thought about all the aspects of running your own home based business, the next obvious question is the nature of the business you wish to promote. There are virtually unlimited opportunities available to the home business seeker. There are all sorts of affiliate programs out there and many of them offer some sort of residual income plan. Then there are the MLM, multi-level marketing, systems that also offer great incomes. You need to evaluate these options and find the one that suits you best.

Choosing the right home based business is not a 5-minute task, but is itself a small project that needs careful handling.

One reason why everyone looks to a home based business is that it is no longer practical to rely on your employer or the government to take care of you once you retire. The stock market was a great standby for many but then there is always the inherent factor of risk that can make the market plunge without notice that does not make for comfortable thinking, especially when your retirement savings are tied in.

Having your own home based business and working towards a residual income is a great way to providing yourself with the insurance of a comfortable retirement. Residual income is income that continues to generate itself even when you are not making any effort.

Royalties are a classic example of a residual income. You write a book or record a song and as long as the product keeps selling, you will continue to receive royalty payments. You make only one effort in the beginning and then just sit back while the money keeps coming in. Write several books or songs and you can see how this can lead to serious money.

However, it is not possible for every one of us to write a book or record a hit album and so we need some other means of generating residual income. What all of us can do is recommend products and services that we find useful and beneficial. This is where home based business comes into the picture and especially MLM. Most of us are already recommending products to others but we just never realize it because we have never thought about it.

The way MLM works is that you recommend their products or services to other people. So, if the MLM company makes something, like a good shampoo, and you make a sale once, then every time that consumer buys that shampoo, you keep getting commissions. You only have to make the sale once.

The true residual factor comes in when your customers recommend the same product to more people. This does not even require you to do anything called work. The moment your customers start bringing in customers of their own, it begins an infinite cycle where every new customer in this chain will give you some percentage as a commission merely for having started this process. In short, you could be generating a huge income doing nothing.

The toughest part in this is to make that first sale, or number of sales, to such customers who are good at bringing in more customers of their own. This involves network marketing skills that require some amount of training.

There is no shortage of MLM businesses or training materials on the Internet. The businesses deal with a wide range of products and you can certainly take your pick of them.

Just remember that, though this sounds very good, it is still a business and like any other business, you will need to work at it before you begin seeing results. Do not expect overnight success despite all the testimonials you see out there. You need to think like a business owner who knows how to plan and create strategies to succeed.

Home business requires you to set aside at least 20 hours per week that you spend on building your business and promoting the products of your choice. You will eventually need to find means of recruiting people who can help grow your network of customers and co-affiliates that will generate further sales for you.

Once you have a good sized network, things become automatic and residual income becomes a reality.
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