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Business Cycles and The Overture Bid Tool

Aug 17, 2007
The loss of the Overture bid tool is creating a major slow down for those depending on adsense sites as their sole source of business income on the internet. Adsense is not yet dead, as some say, but it is in a downward cycle.

This should serve as a major wake-up call to internet marketers. Diversify or you may find your income resources drying up.

In the business world whether it is offline or online businesses cycle from season to season and year to year. For some businesses the impact of a business cycle is far greater than for others.

Tax, debt relief and personal finance sites have cycled into their best season right now. People tend to stop and take stock of their general financial condition during tax time. Once April 15th arises the peak will be over for another year.

Businesses that cater to most outdoor activities will be picking up about the time that tax time ends and will have a good run until the cycle takes a downward turn around Labor Day when children return to school and outdoor temperatures begin to drop.

Just prior to the end of this season, the back-to-school season kicks in. This is beneficial to retailers selling clothing, and school supplies. And those returning or starting college will contribute to sales in clothing, computers, new and used cars, and small appliances and supplies for dorm rooms.

Soon after that consumers will start giving serious thought to indoor family functions and the Christmas season will cycle in, and many retailers both offline and on will show a marked increase in sales until January when sales will diminish for many businesses until tax time is over again.

The point is that different businesses have different natural cycles each year. That is just how it works.

That is why a savvy internet marketer will diversify their business interests into a number of markets so that when one cycles to an off time another one is there to fill the gap. For small business owners the internet is a real opportunity to set up these diverse business interests without breaking the bank.

In the offline world it is very difficult and expensive for the small business person to branch out into a variety of businesses. We, who market on the internet, should recognize the hazards of business cycles and changes in internet marketing and utilize our opportunity.

It seems that the Overture bid tool will return. At least that is what the notation on their site is saying. Supposedly the Overture bid tool will return soon in an updated form. But what if it never returned?

It would serve as a great blow to those marketing adsense exclusively, but it would also take away a major resource of research for most marketers on the internet.

The internet is ever-changing. What works well today could cycle out and be gone tomorrow. Look at all the generated sites of a couple of years ago. Yes, they made money, for a while. Some of them made a killing. There are still a few lingering around, but for the most part they are gone and that phase is over.

New things will come in their place, flourish for a time, and eventually fade away. This may be good while it lasts, and who wouldn't want to jump on the bandwagon? It is wise, however, for a marketer to build a wide business base including a variety of businesses that will span the normal cycles, stand the test of time, and still be standing when the dust clears.
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