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The Ultimate Secret to Being a Successful Internet Marketer

Aug 17, 2007
Internet marketing is a term often confused. Let's face it, slapping up a website and sticking Google adsense ads on it, is not really marketing is it? Unfortunately every method or system to make money via the net tends to be lumped under the term "internet marketing".

No matter, because it's not the systems you choose to work with that will make you sucessful beyond your wildest dreams. It's not the software you use or the ebooks you read that will make you rake in the cash. It's certainly not the forums you frequent and the amount of time you spend idly daydreaming about how much you'll make...eventually.

But then that much you knew.

So what is (in my humble opinion) the number one factor in making your chosen home based career a success. Well, it's discipline, it's focus and most of all it's the ability to stick at one thing until you have success with it.

How many times have you started off on one course of action, full of enthusiasm, dollar signs in your eyes only to get distracted. Another bright and shiny offer comes into view, another "guaranteed" way to make money and you're off again.

Someone once told me that success is like a the outside of a sphere and we are at the centre of it. If you keep going in the same direction, eventually you'll see success. If you keep changing direction then of course you're doomed to stay in the sphere going around and around never achieving your goals.

This is so true!

If you want to roll a car down a hill (metaphorically speaking!) and all you do is give one a little push before moving onto another, they're never going to get down that hill! If you stick to the one car and keep pushing and pushing then, yep, it's gonna go rollin'!

Alright, that last metaphor was a bit ropey but I hope you see my point.

Keep moving in the right direction and eventually you'll see success.

But how do we know which is the right direction? Look around forums, follow other marketers and see what they do. Don't copy their work, merely their techniques, apply them to a niche of your own choosing.

If it's working for them, then you can make it work for you. What one man can do, another can do.

It's not the particular system or method that's the problem, it's your dedication. How much do you really want it? How much do you want to escape the daily grind? The power is in your hands - make a decision today to start your own venture.
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