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A New Revolution In Online Searching And Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Since the dawn of the Internet the way we search, advertise our business, or use our computers for entertainment, has been dictated to us by the Search Engines. We have had to be content with the same old search results time and time again whilst being fully aware that there is more, so much more.

But without delving into the depths of the Search Engine results how will we ever see it, buy it or benefit from it. And, if you own one of those millions of websites, how will you ever improve your ranking to the point where you get your fair share of visitors.

This in effect, means if you are researching a subject, unless you are very ambitious and have unlimited time on your hands you have very likely missed the very best information, because it's lost within the enormity of the results thrown up by Search Engines. That is unless you are prepared to wade through millions of results you will never find that snippet of information you were really searching for.

The same must be said of online advertising and website promotion. If you don't have an endless amount of time and an advertising budget to match, your advertising and website promotion has probably resulted in nothing more than frustration, and, or an empty bank account, whilst your Search Engine ranking infuriatingly hasn't improved one iota.

Until this year, 2007, this is all we had, and I suppose we had to make the best of it or simply give up searching and promoting.

All that has now changed, and new for 2007 is the long awaited Search Sub Engine. So, what is a Search Sub Engine, how does it work and more to the point, how will it make searching for information and website promotion easier both on our surfing time and our advertising budget.

The Search Sub Engine is a completely new search and submission system, it works in a entirely different manner to the standard Search Engine. The Search Sub Engine allows you to categorize your submission and it slowly rotates your website towards the top search results for your category. In effect, if your operate a niche' website and you are struggling to get targeted visits and make those all important sales this is perfect for you.

The Search Sub Engine includes various tools to improve your chances of attracting visitors. Once registered you are able to upload your site information to the system, and you receive a full page to tempt your visitors to your site and within that full page you also get a live link, amongst other very useful promotional tools, to take those visitors directly to your site.

You choose the category or categories that most suit your site content or product and when a visitor searches your particular category the results are displayed on a rotating basis. Meaning that each time a particular category is searched the results will be different. This allows everyone the same opportunity to make those sales.

It's a relatively simple process, your listing counts down, very much like an auction listing, and the closer you get to the top results the more hits you are likely to receive, until the point where your listing period ends, at which point you can relist your site. OK, its not automatic like the Search Engines but it is a much more democratic system in that you will get to the top of your search category which is more than can be said of the Search Engines, at least for most of us.

What really appeals to me about the Search Sub Engines is that money doesn't speak. Let me explain. When you submit to a standard Search Engine there are a few major areas that will make all the difference in the ranking you achieve, but the main one is, how much money are you willng to spend to advertise and promote your site.

If you ever look at the top search results, for almost all searches, you will notice that the top result is either a sponsored, a paid for result, or it's a top flight company with an endless advertising budget. This leaves you with hardly any chance of achieving top search result.

With the Search Sub Engine money doesn't speak so loudly. You cannot buy top position, you cannot buy front page inclusion, you cannot even buy use of their banner ads. There are no adsense ads to be seen and no other distractions for visitors to these sites. It's clean and clutter free.

This means that you have exactly the same opportunity to harvest those visitors as the big guys do. With the Search Sub Engine it's all up to you, your headline, your sales message, your landing page, the quality of your product or information and the accessibilty of your site.

With the Search Sub Engine all the old cash biased systems used by the Search Engines are gone and are replaced by a pure and simple system that's fair for everyone. This is a revolution in the making and for me it will make a massive difference to my online presence.

If you really think about the implications of this system and the massive benefits it has over the norm, then the Search Sub Engine is for you also.
About the Author
Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
Be content with your marketing and research efforts. No, don't be just content, make a difference, make your efforts count, start by using a system that actually works
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