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Lost In A Sea Of Websites

Aug 17, 2007
You've heard the term 'Needle in a Haystack' This describes exactly the way I feel when it comes to online advertising and website promotion.

Having tried just about every program and system, which is supposedly designed to help get your website up into the higher echelons of the Search Engine results, with little or no improvement on my site ranking, I went on a search, a search for the 'Golden Fleece' of online marketing tools. My quest was to discover the most efficient and cost effective method of obtaining targeted traffic to my website, and having researched hundreds of programs I have reached a conclusion.

That conclusion is, most of it just doesn't work. When I say most of it doesn't work I am stating that the systems I tried were either, useless or they broke my advertising bank and had to be duly discounted from the results of my quest.

What I have discovered during my journey is that it's not always the obvious solution which proves to be the best, and when I was first informed about the existence of what in turn became my favorite system I couldn't see the wood for the trees and almost dismissed it without giving it a chance.

The problem lots of us have, me included, is, we place a perceived value only on the things we have to pay for and the more we have to pay the higher that perceived value becomes. This strange way we have of valuing almost led to my downfall financially, I misguidedly believed that the more I paid for a program to help with my website promotion the better the results I would achieve.

It cost me a good few dollars and quite a number of unnecessary arguments with my long suffering partner before I woke up, smelled the coffee and truly got down to some serious searching for the best method to promote my site, financially, but more so results driven.

Following months of research, it was finally a friend, who every time he called to see me, was so sick of me being literally glued to my computer, that he had mentioned my plight to his work colleagues and one of them surprisingly had the solution to my problems and inadvertently led me towards the end of my quest.

Search Sub Engine, not a phrase I was familiar with, but according to my friends work colleague, the most efficient and cost effective solution to my site promotion dilemma.

That was it for me, I was off at lightening speed to check this new phenomenon out, and to discover for myself if it was anywhere close to being as useful as I had been led to believe.

Much to my amazement, and I'm not easily amazed, it was exactly as described. It did rotate your site so that you can reach the top spot for your search category. It did include all the marketing tools I needed along with a live link direct to my website. It did allow me to describe my website and its content at length with a full page display. It did allow me to highlight my listing in order to attract attention. But most of all, it did allow me to actually get some hits on my site and make sales. And it did this all this for pennies and I truly mean pennies. Having spent thousands in the past and received virtually nothing in return, this simple system was like a breath of fresh air and has renewed my faith in the ability of the Internet to deliver, provided you know where to look.

Will I be using Search Sub Engines in my future marketing campaigns, of course I will. This has proven to be an eye opener for me and I won't be letting this one get away.
About the Author
Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
Be content with your marketing and research efforts. No, don't be just content, make a difference, make your efforts count, start by using a system that actually works
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