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MLM Legal News Rocks The Industry And Serves As Wake Up Call To Many

Aug 17, 2007
The MLM industry continues on a rocky road these days. Internet based criticism and attack seem to be coming from all directions and at an escalating pace. I for one am not about to be an exception.

Just this past month, in a crucial development that will rock the entire MLM world, the grandfather of them all, Amway (now Quixtar), has been sued in the US District Court in California for running an illegal pyramid scheme. This may be the most damaging news in a long, long time and will surely send shock waves throughout the entire MLM industry.

Too many MLM businesses are run by the wrong people bringing in the wrong people to sell the wrong product these days. Add up all those wrongs and it is obvious why far too many MLM businesses fail to deliver lasting results. Without lasting results, the industry gets the kind of press it is getting.

Forget about the business model or merchandising methodology for a minute and examine the merchandise. From my own experienced observation and evaluation, fully 70 percent of the products being offered up by the industry as marketable and profitably viable, are not. Another 10 percent are borderline scenarios.

If you think that is harsh, you are right.

What disturbs me is that with all the negativity generated by businesses that thinking people know should not even exist; the strengths of MLM or Network Marketing are too easily overlooked.

Sound MLM or Network Marketing companies are many. And sound MLM or Network Marketing businesses are out there alright, and they have been healthy and very successful for a long time.

But here's the real lesson:

Success sells success, not gimmicky merchandise of questionable value. The reason success sells success is because success buys into success, and success brings success.

The fact is success is a full circle, a very tight full circle. Successful people are interested in other successful people because they can derive a personal benefit from such an association.

If you are a success and the business you represent can demonstrate success, then you have something other successful people are interested in, and believe me; if successful people are interested, they will find you.

There will always be some new electronic fly zapper or wonder wrinkle cream come along and some of these items and their accompanying MLM business model might do well for awhile, and for a select few.

Concentrate your energy, business sense, and success into finding and aligning with success. Fortunately, some things never change.
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