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6 Important Questions You Must Ask Management

Aug 17, 2007
Finding representation for your career can be a very hard, but very important task if you want to further your career path. Many people rush into contracts, signing on the dotted line before they think clearly about the ramifications.

Once a contract is made and signed, getting out of it, if there are problems can be very costly and time consuming. With that said, there are at least 6 important questions you must ask yourself when you are seeking representation.

1. Does this manager represent your genre of music? If you are Country, are they Rock and Roll only or do they represent country music as well.
2. How honest do they feel? It is important that everyone on your team is straightforward and honest. Instinct is your best gauge. You should also ask around the industry to find out how others have reacted to this person.
3. Is this manager reputable? Make sure you get recommendations.
4. Are they just beginning their career or are they already well connected. (If someone is just at the beginning of their career, they may not have the connections you need. However, they may also work harder for you and have fewer clients. You will need to consider the pros and cons.)
5. What are their work ethics? You will need to seek out others who have worked with them to find out this information.
6. what is their managerial style? Do they sit back and watch what other people do, or do they take charge of any situations that occur? To obtain this information, you will need to find other musicians who have worked with them.

Avoid anyone who asks for a monthly retainer fee or salary or states that for $5,000 - $10,000 they can redo your demo CD. Legitimate managers do not ask for a monthly retainer fee or salary and inflated costs to redo your demo is a rip off. In addition, asking for a salary is another way of stating they do not believe enough in your talents to take a risk.

Why would you want to work with anyone who does not believe in you? The sad truth is that many musicians, out of desperation for their career, make poor career choices. Desperation does not make good business arrangements.

An important piece of advice: Do not use an attorney recommended by your prospective manager. You want an attorney who is completely on your side.
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