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Location, Location, Location

Aug 17, 2007
Very much like a physical business on the high street your online business initially needs one thing to help it on the road to growth, sales and future prosperity, and that one thing is the right location. So, if location is paramount how do you ensure that your business is situated exactly where it should be, in order to take advantage of any and all free traffic, and is there an alternative to Search Engine ranking to improve your targeted traffic and your sales.

Traditionally speaking, improving your traffic goes hand in hand with your position in the main Search Engine results, but getting there is akin to negotiating a mine field. There are so many different avenues that you can take that will supposedly help you to achieve your goal, but how reliable are they and more to the point are they cost effective for your business.

Trading online has very quickly become a multi billion, multi national bonanza for the controlling few. By the controlling few, I mean the major Search Engines. The major Search Engines control everything you do online and it's their rules that dictate how your website should look, and what you have to include, in order to please their systems in the hope of improving your ranking.

Is this the only way, or can you improve your ranking simply by getting those hits on your site and effectively fooling the Search Engines into believing that you have a high traffic site that has somehow been overlooked by their spiders.

This is possible and it can be done for a relatively small outlay from your advertising budget. The Search Engines love popular sites, they can't ignore them, but they are not fools either. In order to fool the Search Engines into believing your site is very popular you need targeted traffic, good quality targeted traffic and unique visitors.

When I speak about unique visitors I don't mean a simple hit on your site. A unique visitor is someone who may visit your site, actually have a look around and possibly revisit in the near future. When you opt for buying your traffic you don't get unique visitors, what you get is hits. Hits may only last long enough to open your homepage before moving on, this isn't traffic, no matter how many times you have been informed by the people selling these auto hits programs that it is.

All hits will do is make your website stats a little more pleasing to the eye, but surely the most pleasing sight to your eye is sales and improved ranking.

One of the best ways of doing this is to use the newly emerging Search Sub Engines. With a Search Sub Engine you can list your site for between 1 and 28 days, and during that period your site listing will gradually move towards the top result for your search category. And as you reach the all important pinnacle of your category along will come the unique visitors.

The Search Sub Engine is basically a site submission system which will rotate your site listing continually towards the top of the results for your category, unlike the Search Engine where you have to fight for your existence every step of the way.

The Search Sub Engine doesn't spider your site and it's content like Google does. The Search Sub Engine doesn't care what you content is, if your site is optimized, or your keywords and meta tags are correct. All it needs is for your site to be visible online and able to be viewed, regardless of its position.

The beauty of this system is that whilst you are getting the exposure you need to make sales you are also fooling the Search Engines that your site is more popular than it actually is. Unfortunately, this alone won't help you reach #1 with Google, but it will create sales and by doing so will actually fulfill most of your online needs without the headaches associated with Search Engine Optimization.

It will improve your ranking with the Search Engines simply by supplying the unique visitors you need, and in turn improve your cash flow. but if reaching #1 is more important than making sales, the Search Sub Engine is not for you. However, if your main concern, and it should be your main concern, is making sales, then this is a perfect vehicle to help you achieve those elusive sales.

Has I stated, the Search Sub Engines are new, and as such offer a very cost effective and fair system for your business. It's unlikely that you will see the Big Guns, the sites that command the #1 positions with the Search Engines, bothering with these new systems, which is good news for you and your site, and definitely good news for your sales as this reduces the competition.
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