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Only So Many Top Spots

Aug 17, 2007
Being in the enviable #1 position for your search category is probably the goal of most website owners, but is it a realistic goal and should you be concentrating on sales instead of position.

According to virtually every piece of information you can find, being top of the tree seems to be the ultimate goal of anyone and everyone trading online, with it comes the traffic, and with the traffic comes the sales. But are you fooling yourself, and wasting your valuable time chasing a rainbow, when you should be concentrating your efforts in other directions.

If you compare an Internet search result to any business structure you will see many similarities, not least the fact that with Internet and business alike there is only one top spot. If you currently work for someone else you will have almost certainly resigned yourself to the fact that you are never going to occupy the position of Big Cheese, Top Banana. But that doesn't mean that you are destined to carry out menial tasks and constantly live in the shadow of who or what you really wish to be. You still go out to work, provide for your family and live a relatively good and carefree life.

So why do you strive to reach the position you don't hold in the real world, when trading online. Wouldn't it be much more productive to adopt the same philosophy to your online world as you do to your real world situation, and just get on with it to the best of your ability. This at least would enable you to make some progress towards your desired goals instead of moping and moaning about your lot.

Having said that, how will you get the traffic and the subsequent sales if you don't strive to be #1. There are various programs which have been designed in order to help you to reach your target audience, without the added distraction of concentrating most of your efforts on your search ranking.

One such program is the Search Sub Engine. The Search Sub Engine is designed to promote your site to the very people who will likely purchase your product or information. It's a program where you are able to list your site for a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 28 days and during your listing period your site will gradually reach that all important #1 position.

More to the point is the fact that during your listing period, and thanks to the many promotional tools available to you through the Search Sub Engine, you will receive targeted traffic to your site.

The way you receive that traffic is very much akin to an auction site, in that the person searching the Sub Engine is searching for a particular subject or product, and when they search your category you will get your turn as the top result unlike the Search Engine, where your site is still ranked the same, and deep in the wilderness, where it can't be found.

Included within your arsenal of promotional tools is the opportunity to enhance your listing, making your listing more eye catching for the searcher. The basic tools comprise of a one line title, which can be enhanced with a sub title, bold and color. A full page where you can promote your site to your visitor, a direct live link to your site and a hits counter enabling you to judge the effectiveness of your sales message and adjust it accordingly.

So Basically, what you get is the ability to sell your site using your own words and not the words picked up by the Search Engine Spider, mixed with your own headline, similar to any adwords advert, which you can enhance so it really catches the eye. Also the option to change all your page and headline content at any time if you feel it isn't doing your site justice. A hits counter to chart you results and most importantly a feedback system where your customers can comment on the accessibility of your site and the quality of your product. This can be viewed by future potential customers allowing them to trade confidently with you instead of relying on what could possibly be falsified testimonials.

All in all, the Search Sub Engine has everything you need to trade successfully online, and whether you are selling your own product, promoting an affiliate scheme or just considering your first online venture you should make the Search Sub Engine your first port of call and your major weapon in your fight to make those all important sales.
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