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Search Sub Engine, The Sleeping Giant

Aug 17, 2007
What do you spend most of your time online doing. Ask any website owner or online marketer this question and you are certain to get the same answer, and that answer is, promoting my business.

It would be a fantastic world if the answer was, counting the sales receipts in your paypal account. If only it was all that simple, but alas, it isn't, and we all have to spend possibly more time than we, or our families, would like promoting our various businesses.

It therefore stands to reason that you should be using your valuable time constructively, and not as so many of us do, wasting it with costly, useless, and out of date methods of site promotion.

If you are to really succeed online, and succeed to your greatest expectations, you need the latest and the most efficient method to promote your business. And, the latest, and in my opinion the best, is the newly emerging search sub engine.

Why the search sub engine, and what can it do for you that any of the multitude of other promotional programs and software can't.

The single greatest attribute of the search sub engine, and there is no other promotional tool that can, or has ever been able, to offer you this facility, is its ability to push your site to the #1 position for your search category.

Everyone, and I mean, everyone who ever aspired to make a living online has one objective. That objective is to be the #1 search result. The search sub engine can't push you to #1 with google but it can, and it will place your site at #1 within it's own search system, and nothing or nobody trading online at this moment can offer you anything that even comes close.

How does it work, and what can it do for you.

A search sub engine works in much the same way as any other search engine, except it allows you to categorize your site, and you don't need to be highly ranked with google to become #1 with the search sub engine.

Unlike google, the search sub engine, instead of placing obstacles in your way actually provides you with various promotional tools enabling you to enhance your listing. And unlike the search engines you have total control of the content of the link to your site. It's up to you to make the most of your headline and your sub headline to entice the searcher to your listing.

When you do entice the searcher to your listing they are presented with a sales page, written and designed by you in order to convey as much information about your site and your product. Within the sales page is a direct live link to your site, this in effect, is allowing you two shots at converting the visitor into a customer. And, if you feel at any time, that your headlines or your landing page content isn't having the desired effect you can change it and keep changing it until you are happy with your results.

You also have for your use, a hits counter which will give you a very good indication of how effective your sales copy is and an auction style feedback system for use by you and your customers to help instill more faith in your product or information for future visitors. This alone is a very powerful tool, especially if you consider, the best form of advertising is word of mouth, this gives your customers the opportunity to inform future customers about the value of your product and the accessibility of your site.

Your listing can be as long as 28 days or as short as 1 day and throughout whichever period you choose your listing will be continually approaching the top position for your search category. Nothing, anywhere on the Internet at this time can offer you this unrivaled facility.

You can list your site as many times as you wish, and in more than one category, if your content and your product warrant it. For example, if you were selling tents, you would obviously list your site under the category, camping equipment, you could also list your site in the category, camping, and even in outdoor pursuits or any other category which suits your product. This would then give you more exposure online which we all know relates to more sales.

The other main advantage of the search sub engine is that no body, not even the most successful online trader can buy favor. Unlike the search engines you cannot throw money at your business and expect to reach #1, nor can you buy or sponsor front page or top spot. You can't even buy the banner ads as these are for the search sub engine's use only.

You wont find any adwords, adsense or any other diversions. What you will find is an uncluttered, user friendly site which operates fairly and is not controlled by the amount of money which is thrown at it.

With all these tools at your disposal, the search sub engine has to rank highly in your online promotional arsenal and if it doesn't, it should.

The search sub engine may be a sleeping giant at the moment, but when it awakes it will do so with a vengeance, so be fully prepared to make the most of what is by far the best promotional tool to hit the Internet for many years.
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Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
Be content with your marketing and research efforts. No, don't be just content, make a difference, make your efforts count, start by using a system that actually works
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