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The Two Biggest Secrets to Making Money

Aug 17, 2007
Isn't it sickening how many people try to teach you how to "make money" and all you have to do is buy their home study course for $397. All the ways to do business online and so many people get suckered into buying lousy products only to discover that they only make money reselling that garbage to the next sucker in line. There is a terrible shortage of quality training courses and legitimate business systems over the internet.

Of all these people trying to promote their product to make money, less than 5% are actually profitable. They don't understand fundamental principles of prosperity that are responsible more creating the richest of the rich.

The first secret to making money, is not to make money. It's a counter-intuitive thought process but it works. The simplest illustration is a retail store having a sale. Buyers flock to the store because they think that the store owner isn't after their wallets, but interested in delivering real benefits for people. If you're pushing "make money and do it buying from me" then people will instantly see you for the selfish, greedy, and swindling chap you appear to be.

I know you didn't do that on purpose, it was what your "guru" told you to do. That's because the "guru" you bought from somehow sold you that he was genuinely interested in your benefit so you were willing to buy from him (or her). By showing potential clients how you aren't out to scam them out of their money but really help them out, you build immediate rapport.

Don't try to make money. Help other people and the money will come because of the second secret to making money.

The second secret to making money is not to miss the opportunity to do so. That opportunity only comes after you've built rapport with your potential clients by genuinely and humbly serving them. They trust you because you've been honest and helpful from the start. You are a genuine human being, interested in helping other human beings obtain what they want.

Now is the right time. You have the opportunity. Your rapport with potential buyers is your strongest selling proposition. People oftentimes buy things from people they trust even if they aren't sold on all the benefits that product or service provides.

But don't squander your rapport by offering something worthless. You will actually increase your rapport through the roof if your offer actually brings even more benefits to your buyers than you provided before. People start to look forward to hearing from you because they know you would only offer them something they would absolutely love to have.

There you have it. Two of the biggest money-making secrets ever revealed, and both are counter-intuitive. When you see some carpet-bagger trying to scam you, feel free to email them a copy of this little message to help them out. You in turn will be building rapport with them, and they may just become your next buyer!
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Tyler Ellison teaches how to make money online marketing legally using automated systems and guerilla techniques to promote businesses.
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