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The Single Most Powerful Addition To Your Online Marketing Arsenal

Aug 17, 2007
Selling, or supplying online promotional tools, is a multi billion dollar industry, but how efficient are some of the most popular tools, and are they worth investing in, or are they simply a waste of time and money.

Online trading places you in probably the single most competitive market in the world. If you were simply trading in your local town your competition would be restricted to the guy half a mile away selling some similar products. On the Internet you are competing with possibly millions of other traders selling the same, or similar products as yours.

The Internet is a completely different animal and you need to tame the animal, or at the very least get to know it well, before you can truly make a serious income from your website.

There are various tools which are supposed to help in your on going battle for Internet Supremacy, but are they all they are cracked up to be, or are they useless time wasting pieces of computerized junk.

As you would expect, some are good and some are simply useless, others which used to bring in results, no longer do, and some of the more recent tools have taken over. I suppose this is only to be expected as the Internet like everything else is subject to the laws of evolution.

Where does this leave you and what new products are now available, but in particular which product or program is the next Big Gun in the battle for traffic and sales.

I have tried, used and dismissed hundreds of marketing tools over the past few years and it needs something very special to excite me and get the juices flowing, and very rarely a system of such a magnitude emerges, and once more the way forward with online marketing becomes clear.

The latest, and in my opinion, the one which will prove to be an on going giant for many years to come, is the Search Sub Engine.

What is a Search Sub Engine, what can it do for your marketing efforts and how do you make the best and most efficient use of it.

The Search Sub Engine is a brand new system of site submission, when I say site submission, I don't mean a way to submit your site to the Search Engines. This could be better described as a Search Engine within a Search Engine.

The Search Sub Engine works independently of, and is in no way directly connected to any of the Search Engines, but it has the power to drive unlimited amounts of targeted traffic to your website, blog or affiliate program.

It achieves this by gradually pushing your business listing upwards towards the #1 position for your search category. By rotating your listing towards it's pinnacle, it ensures that when your category is searched that you have an equal opportunity to receive your fair share of traffic, unlike any other program or method currently on offer, from the Search Engines, or for that matter anywhere else.

The Search Sub Engine allows you to list your business in a category, or categories that best suit your product for varying periods between 1 and 28 days. During that time your listing will gradually rotate towards the top search results within the Search Sub Engine, allowing you to receive the traffic you so dearly need.

Once you register with the Search Sub Engine, registration is free, and for the forseable future, so is your listing submission, you are privvy to some pretty special tools to help enhance your listing and get your website noticed.

You are able to create a headline for your business and utilize a full page to sell the benefits of your site or product, this page also includes a live link direct to your site, giving you, in effect, the opportunity to double sell your product to the surfer. You also have some very useful other tools at your disposal, you can add a sub headline to your listing, you can enhance your listing with bold text or color, you have a hits counter, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your sales copy, and if your not happy with your results you can alter or completely change everything at will, as often as you wish, until you achieve the desired results.

Comparing this method to a standard Search Engine, you will see the added benefits immediately, the Search Engine uses a snippet of the first few lines of your website when indexing, with the Search Sub Engine you choose the lines you wish to use. The Search Engine loses your site in amongst all the other millions of results far away from the #1 position, the Sub Search Engine actually pushes your site to the very top giving you a prime opportunity to make the most of the traffic you will receive.

The only stipulation you must meet to make use of the Search Sub Engine and all its excellent promotional tools is, your site must be available to view online, and nothing more. If your site meets that one criteria you can make the very best use of what is set to become the next giant in online marketing.

The Search Sub Engine is waiting to explode onto our screens and considering the costly or simply useless alternatives, I think it warrants serious consideration from you and every other professional marketer trading online now, or in the future.
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Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer.
Now a content online marketer.
Be content with your marketing and research efforts. No, don't be just content, make a difference, make your efforts count, start by using a system that actually works
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