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Here's How I'll Easily Make $10,000 Today

Aug 17, 2007
Would you risk a hand cramp, 1hour of your time and a few sheets of paper in order to make $10,000 today?

My guess is that your answer is undoubtedly "Yes" and if it isn't, maybe we should check your pulse...that is unless you've arrived at "Club Trump."

For the rest of the planet, $10,000 in one day is a nice check. Suffice to say, we can pretty much all agree it would be a "happy day" today if that were to be the case? And it just might be the case if you can follow some simple instructions.

You see, I don't know it all, but I have noticed that, without fail, I have never been able to achieve a goal that I did not believe I was capable of in the 1st place In this case we are talking about the making of $10,000 today since it's likely that most readers wont believe that's possible.

We all should be able to agree that nothing is possible until we believe it is so. And even then it doesn"t guarantee the desired outcome, but it does "allow" it to become a true possibility.

Making $10,000 today is a true possibility for anyone who follows this advice?

The trick is to believe it's possible for you. We all know "it is possible" because it's been done over and over by many people, just likely not you.

So how do we make ourselves believe something we don't yet know to be true for ourselves?

This is the "$10,000 Question" as it were!

Well, as the opening suggests, if you are willing to risk a hand cramp, 1 hour of your time, and a few sheets of paper, I'll show you how to believe $10,000 is yours today. Remember, it's not a guarantee of riches by days end, but that outcome will be at least become a true possibility.

Anyone who studies personal development, even superficially, has heard of "Affirmations" as a goal achieving technique. If you haven't, it's simple; say what you want over and over until it becomes true.

Well, me personally, I've had a problem getting results just doing that. In fact it plain never has worked for me, and I don't know anyone who had a goal that was truly large where this technique worked.

My mind always rebelled against affirmations. If I told myself "You"re a multi-millionaire Shannon" that little voice would always come back "No you're not." And the affirmation was effectively nullified.

So here is what I call an "infallible" method of affirmation that works exceedingly well. You are going to write your goal out over and over as fast as you can continuously for 1 hour.

I know, you're thinking "Aw jeez, do I have to do that? Isn't there an easier way?" Friend, if you're not willing to risk a hand cramp, 1 hour of your time and a few sheets of paper to make $10k today (or whatever else your goal might be) then you've read the wrong article.

Truth be told, most people say they are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals, but really, when it comes down to it, aren't willing to do something as mildly uncomfortable as what I am proposing in order to make it happen.

If this is you then I suggest you rethink how important your goal is to you. Maybe $10k today is too small for you, and if so, fill in your individual goal.

So I challenge you to do this exercise and "see" what happens. I say "see" because I know you don't believe it will work, but I know it will work and as your coach for the moment what I say goes. "Just do it" as the commercial suggests.

I know, you're too busy right? Pen and paper aren't nearby? The phone is ringing. You're late. Cry me a river. What is important to you? That stuff? Or making the $10k today?

You make the call.

For me, I choose the $10k. I will not let anything distract me when I sit down to do this exercise. Caveat: if the phone does ring, you might consider answering just to see if indeed it's "the $10,000 phone call," otherwise, let it go to voicemail.

You will change forever if you actually complete this exercise. That's a guarantee.

The first time you do this will be more painful than you might even dread it being. Not physically so, but mentally so. This is because your mind does not believe what you are writing. Your goal has not come into physical reality yet, but you are forcing it to "be born" onto your paper. The mind will resist acknowledging this new reality because the reality it knows is contrary.

This is a re-programming technique for your mind.

Yes, your mind will be forced into a new belief. Unless you force it to believe what you wish then it's likely someone else will force your mind into a belief that they install. This is the reason we see commercial advertisements, over, and over, and over, and over. They know that if they place their message into your reality repetitively that your mind will eventually accept their message...even if you didn"t like the message to begin with.

So the question is whose advertisement do you want to play?

You're starting to get the picture.

Anyway, I could go further into the theory behind why this actually works, but I wont. Basically, by putting pen to paper you bring physical reality to your goal. Your mind will believe physical reality over any internal reasoning. (You can tell yourself over and over that somebody else is making $10k today, and "so can you," but it wont be as effective because here is no physical reality for you to base this on. It makes little difference that there are millions of millionaires who are making this kind of money day in and day out; that fact alone will likely never make you believe such will be the case for you.)

And if you can't believe it, you certainly can't achieve it.

So where is that pad of paper? I know, you've got "better things to do" than some silly exercise. Suit yourself. Now you know how you too should believe "I'll easily make $10,000 today" and you can believe it for yourself too. Just remember, knowing how to do something, and actually doing it are quite different.

Take this time and write out a seemingly unreasonable goal of yours for the day. Do it over and over for an hour and watch what happens!
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Shannon Hansen is an entrepreneur and coach who dedicates his business to creating success levels in his student they previously thought impossible. For more information visit Shannon's site at http://www.LightfootAssociates.com
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