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The Power Of Testimonials

Aug 17, 2007
Building a popular web site is one of the best ways that you can market your internet home business. Your web site should be filled with informative content, graphics and pictures, and testimonials from some of your satisfied customers. Testimonials are stories from customers that can be used to promote your excellent customer service skills, products that you sell, or offer praise for your web site. For many people who shop on the internet, it is helpful to find out more about the experiences of others before making a purchase.

When you want to add testimonials to your web site, you should email customers that have signed-up for email updates or your newsletter and ask them for feedback. You can do this in a variety of ways:

- Ask customers to write a paragraph or two about their experiences or about their satisfaction with the products they purchased.

- Create a questionnaire that customers can answer.

- Ask a specific question and have them answer it.

These are all great ways to prompt people into giving you the information you will need for a testimonial. When choosing which testimonials to use on your web site, you should find a variety that showcase customer service, product satisfaction, and compliments on web design and content. In order to get a variety of responses, you should send a different question to each of your customers.

You should also ask customers to give their consent to use their name and testimonial on your web site. They can do this by writing a sentence or two at the bottom of the email.

Once you have received enough testimonials to fill a page or two, you should post them on your web site. You can create a testimonials section or you can place them near products you are promoting. There are no rules as to where you want to place the testimonials as long as they do not distract from what you are selling online.

As with all web content, you will have to update testimonials with new ones every few weeks. Archive testimonials so that they can be read by customers. Testimonials can help customers feel better about buying from your web site and is an excellent way to highlight your commitment to customer service.

You can use testimonials in other ways as well. If you have a newsletter, you can add a few testimonials to help boost sales. You can also include testimonials in your email campaigns and in other marketing. Using customer comments is one way to create a sense of community and friendship between you and your customers. Customer loyalty is built on trust. By telling others how much your customers value your business, you will increase sales.

When building your internet home business, you will have to demonstrate your customer service skills by building a web site that is clean, professional, and contains content that customers will find valuable. Once you have demonstrated this, you will make money online and your business will continue to grow.
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