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Look To International Business For Job Opportunities

Aug 17, 2007
There are literally millions of international business job opportunities out there and yet only a select few people get accepted. Is it because international business job opportunities have standards that are too high?

The truth is many international businesses have standards are more or less at level with those of local business enterprises. Its just that not many people are even aware of these opportunities.


Well, for the simple reason that many people believe the Sunday classifieds are the be-all and end-all. Sad to say but no matter how religiously you follow the newspaper classified ads section, you are still only tapping 25% of the total international business job opportunities available.

When you do a real job search, there are four main activities involved and two options (online or offline). Below is an explanation of each of these activities and how you can use them to find international business job opportunities:

Review Job Leads

Whether you are searching for job opportunities online or off, when reviewing job leads, always remember to move from general sites and resources to online places that are more specific to what you are looking for.

Large recruiting sites contain general listings of job opportunities and provide the perfect place to get a broad overview of the job description you are searching for. From there, move on to online journals and newspapers for your location, industry and profession. Scan through each job search result, making sure that the listing fits your particular job area, occupational field, industry, social or ethnic group, and location.

Research and Contact Employers

After you have reviewed and narrowed down your list, the next step is to get to know the people offering such opportunities. When it comes to researching employers, rule #1 also applies that is, move from general to specific.

You can start with online job resource sites that provide not only information on the companies and organizations that are currently offering international job opportunities but also links to specific job sites and company websites.


Someone said that networking is the art of building alliances. And it is true. However, while contacts are important in networking, it is not just about contacting everyone you know when you are looking for job opportunities. Always remember that real networking occurs long before you even start your job search.


You should already have your resume ready when you start your search for international business job opportunities. That way, when you stumble upon a site that lets you post your resume, you can do so easily without having to scramble about for your CV and hastily typing up your work experience.
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